Adventure Sunday: Grouse Grind

Hey all,
This week, I had to suddenly go back to the mainland for an event. I went to an alumni high school get together. A few people could not recognize me, which was pretty funny.

Anyway, my brother and I wanted to get together and hang out. He had the crazy idea of attempting the Grouse Grind again. Now if you are not familiar with the Grouse Grind it is a 2.9 km (1.8 mile) hike, 2830 steps, 3700 foot summit and it is located in North Vancouver. It is best to hike on a clear day, since the view from the top is AMAZING. However, it was pretty foggy when we finished.
So I met my brother at his apartment and we drove over to North Vancouver. Here is the Lions Gate Bridge, so beautiful.

Now, the last time Josh and I hiked this bad boy we were both a little out of shape. I was about 30 or so lbs heavier then I currently am. Last time, it took us over an hour and twenty or so minutes. We felt like we were absolutely dying!

So the trail is pretty much stairs the entire way. Also known as natures stair climber! If you are going to try this hike I definitely suggest a good pair of shoes. I ALWAYS see people attempting it with flip flops or converse. NO…just no.

My brother and I took a watch to time ourselves this time, last time we forgot to and it honestly felt like it was a never ending experience! The trail is marked at every quarter mark, and I remember last time seeing the 1/4 of the way there sign. I was baffled that we were not more then half the way there. This time? That marker did not bother me at all.  I was feeling very energized at this point still and we hadn’t had a water break yet! It was mighty “mucky” towards the top of the trail. There was still snow at the top of the mountain so their was a good amount of run off from that.

We both pushed ourselves and felt very good. The website for Grouse Mountain says that the average finishing time for a novice hiker was an hour and a half. We managed to push and finish in under an hour at 58:45! We both were very happy to see the top and very happy to see we kicked some major caboose! Burnt 651 calories.

Well don’t I look happy. I was super happy with our effort and felt FANTASTIC after. We had no appetite after so we decided to purchase the gondola ticket back to the base of the mountain and take it back home for a nutritious dinner there!

Like I said, it was a bit of a foggy day so the view wasn’t as clear as it could have been, but the gondola ride was still fun regardless.

I am planning on doing this hike a few times this summer, I find it a huge victory that I felt so good afterwards. It is fun to revisit things that I found super challenging and realize how much my fitness has improved. Such a good feeling!

What is something you have noticed that you have improved on in the past year or two?


One thought on “Adventure Sunday: Grouse Grind

  1. Nice! Well done Jenn! Such an accomplishment, you should be so proud of yourself!

    Can’t say that I have improved much fitness wise lately… very much the contrary! But in two days I’ll have my very last exam for my 1st year of my Naturopathic Nutrition course and after that… I am planning to kick some major booty! And I would like to document my progress both on my youtube channel and my blog if I can (I had just started them a while back but then I completely neglected them…). I have 9 weeks to get myself in the best shape that I possibly can before I go back home (Italy) for a 2 weeks vacation! I really hope I can make this happen… and hope that the youtube channel and/or blog will help with that coz consistency is my biggest problem!

    Well, god, I could talk forever… sorry about that 😉

    Once again.. amazing job! And.. as always.. you are such an inspiration! 🙂

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