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Hey everyone,

So I had a question from a user named Katelinized on the YouTubes this morning, and thought it would be best to answer it here. Here is her question:

Hi Jenn! I ran my first half marathon in March and have changed up my training schedule to PR my next half in Sept, & hopefully run a full in Oct. Question is: I added Dr. Wetzl’s Ironstrength workout about once/week (circuits), but I took a break because I was sooo sore from it, I felt like it affected my speed training days. What kind of training schedule do you follow as far as “Saturdays: long slow run, Sundays: short recovery run, Mondays: circuits, etc etc” – any tips would be great!

Katelinized 26 minutes ago

So my schedule will vary from week to week. Lately I have been very lucky as I don’t have classes at the moment and I am job hunting. So really my schedule just revolves around errands and studying for my personal training specialist exam. But when I was working and going to school, I MADE time to workout. I am a huge believer that saying “you are too busy” is a bit of an excuse. If you really want to fit something into your schedule, you will do so. So when I was in class and working, that meant getting up to be at the gym at 7 am and coming home and/or lacing up my runners at 7:30 pm. You may not want to do that at that specific time, but you WILL NOT regret it.

One thing that is concrete is that I allow myself one full rest day. On that day the most exercise I allow myself is light yoga or walking. This day will generally be Saturday unless something comes up. Sunday will usually be my Long Slow Distance day (LSD).

Since you are training for a full, I would recommend running a minimum of 4 days a week if you can. So I would make one a LSD run, one a drill run (hill, speed etc), and the other two recovery pace.

Here is an example of how I have been arranging my workouts, keep in mind I have the time and energy to workout twice a day and I absolutely LOVE having the ability to do so. I love my fitness!:

Long Slow Distance Day

Full Body Strength and a recovery run (of about 5-8 km) later in the day

Running Drill (such as speed work or hill repeats) and/or plyometrics at the gym

Lower Body Strength work and Recovery Run with Run Club or on my own

Upper Body Strength work and Cycling or spinning

Run (10 km or so) and some core

Rest Day

(Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, so please talk to your health care professional before attempting any sort of fitness program.)

I have the energy and make the time most days to workout twice a day so I do. Lately I have been doing this to bring things up a notch. I have a number of different fitness goals in mind I am looking at achieving so this works for me, and may not work for the next person. However, I simply LOVE fitness and getting two workouts makes me happy beyond belief!

Now, since you mentioned you want to improve speed I would also work on your flexibility. I am very happy to see you are doing some strength work and some speed work as those are essential too. But flexibility, especially in the hip girdle, will give you a larger range of motion in the hip, more efficient stride, less stiffness in the hip and lower risk for injury. Sounds so silly that a little flexibility could make you faster, but believe me it works!

Also, on those days that you are super sore, it is best to do active recovery. If you have scheduled yourself a pick-up or fartlek run, I would swap that for another day if you feel you could not reach your full potential speed. Make that day a recovery run at a slower pace. Many schedules are not concrete and can be shuffled around, as long as you do finish that run at some point or another.

I hope this answered your question! If you have anymore questions for me to answer, please let me know!!


3 thoughts on “Example of my Fitness Week Lately

  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for the great information. I really appreciate it. I actually never really factored in flexibility so I will work on that! I couldn’t agree more about making time to work out. “If it’s imporant to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” My current goals are: 5k under 22 minutes, Half Marathon @ 1:45, and complete my first Marathon! I’ll keep ya posted 🙂 Thanks again for you help!

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