Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5 km 2012

So this morning was the Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5 km in Vancouver, and I participated in the half. This was my 9th half marathon and I had heard to many great things about the course! and man, those people were right. I did love the course. It starts in UBC, where runners do a few diddies around until we make our way out to Spanish banks. The course follows the water all the way up to the Burrard Street bridge and into English Bay. The finish line was in Stanley Park. Many people find it discouraging that you can see the end point from about the 10 km mark on the other side of the ocean, but it is also such a beautiful run that you get distracted by the water, the mountains and the beautiful trees.

I will be honest. I did not train as well as I could have, but I still was trained enough to run. I ate pretty poorly this week and took a few days off of workouts since I have been feeling so tired and sore lately. I also woke up with a pretty sore quad (not entirely sure why), and tight lower back. I was not feeling the run this morning. However, I was pretty motivated to beat Matt’s Personal Best (my boyfriend). How sweet of me, right?

In the car I downed a pre-game Gatorade, which I honestly am not a huge fan of but they don’t bother my stomach so it was a go. It gave me a bit of a spurt of energy to start me off. I used organic Stinger chews for my fuel and Gatorade in my bottles as well. At the finish they supplied us with Gatorade recover which has more protein in it then I expected! 16 grams!

I got to the start line at 7:15 and the race would start at 7:30. Gave my friend D a hug and good wishes and went to find my place in my corral. He is one speedy guy, so I hid at the back of the red corral!

I bumped into Kirsty around 1.5 km and we ran together for about 15 or so km. I expected a hill around the 13 km mark, but could not picture it until I was at the base of it. I then realized it was the hill that started from the bottom of my old high school! It reminded me of my high school soccer days, since we used to walk down that hill to play at the soccer field that was located by there.

I must say, I was extremely focused this race even though I did not feel like racing when I woke up. I kept a 5:19/ km pace (that is factoring in walking breaks). Yes I take walk breaks even on race day. If you are new to my Youtube channel of my Blog, I run marathons and half marathons with the 10:1 method. I run for ten minutes and walk for 1 minute. I believe in it, and it works well for me.

I struggled on the Burrard St Bridge as always, but once I crested it it was all DOWN HILL FROM THERE (chuckle chuckle pun intended 😉 ). I picked up the pace a lot from that point forward. Once the crowds pick up, the cow bells ringing, the people cheering, the more excited and motivated I became. I picked it up and realized I could do this, I came in with an official chip time of 1:52:15! Very happy about that. Almost 5 minutes off my previous PB!

This race showed me really how much stronger I have become mentally with race day. I think a year ago, this wouldn’t have been the outcome no matter how much training I had put in. When the negative “you can’t do that” thoughts would enter my brain, I would assure myself with how good I was feeling. My body no longer ached, my breathing was steady and my cadence was pretty good. I am very proud of myself, yet another piece of happy news that has happened in the past few days!

Also, I found a random cupcake poster I wanted to share since, if you were unaware, I LOVE CUPCAKES.

Hope you are all doing well! Happy and Healthy!

Love you all!



3 thoughts on “Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5 km 2012

  1. Sounds like a great race. This is the type of pace and distance of race I want to do in the fall. I’ve had the knee setback but it’s coming around now and I’m feeling a lot more confident.

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