Progress, slowly but surely!

Hey everyone!

So this weekend I am moving. I am sure many of you are aware of this, but it is TOTALLY not fun times. I enjoy the unpacking and getting settled in part…now the packing and getting the stuff to its rightful destination? yeah, not a huge fan! However, I will get through this. Since I am cleaning my fridge out I have planned ahead and bought a greek salad (no dressing), prepacked caesar salad (minus the dressing) with chicken, a cob salad (which I had after work) and a quinoa salad to make sure I still manage to eat decently during the moving process! I also have a costco size variety pack of instant oatmeal. Woo!
Anywho, since I work at a gym now (which have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job?!) I have access to the body composition Tanita machine (aka, bigger and more number crazy torture device). The other day I stepped on and tried my best to do it before having my coffee, but realized I did have a bit of caffeine in the GNC Genetix HD Pro-sculpt drink I have been using in the mornings. So that may have swayed the numbers a bit. Basically the machines tells me in percentage what my body fat is, the amount of fat free mass in pounds, fat mass in pounds, water mass, what a healthy range is and all those things.
As some of my YouTube friends know, I scrapped the scale for the most part since I get very hung up on numbers. To the point in which it affects my mood and discourages me a lot (even if it is a decent number, it just seems never good enough). However, body fat percentage I seem to feel okay with. So this is how I have been measuring my success lately. I don’t know how I feel about sharing numbers JUST yet with you guys, I will admit it was a bit higher then I expected (but like I said, caffeine can sway the numbers around a little). But I will share some pictures from time to time. I take photos of my progress at the gym and I DEFINITELY seeing some change.

Look at that weak little left arm.. I clearly was concentrating HARD on getting myself in the frame rather then flexing hehe. Either way, I am happy to see my upper back slowly toning up. I always had problems with how my arms and back looked and I get happy when I see little changes like this!

I have more “progress” photos on my phone, however I am not sure if I am ready to show zee front yet. Haha! Maybe I will get the courage to do so sometimes soon! Anywaaayys, Fitness fashion friday will be up maybe later! I am using wifi at a cafe since mine is shut off at the moment, so it would take AGES to load them off instagram! ( I checked.. I am not waiting an hour to do that! :P)

Hope all is well lovelies! ❤


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