24 hours until I leave for Iceland!

Hey lovelies!

In less than 24 hours I will be leaving on a plane to Reykjavik, Iceland (Yes, I just learned to spell Reykjavik WITHOUT spell check, proud of me? 😉 should be.)
So I thought I would blog about how I am feeling, my carry on, and what I am expecting to get out of this whole trip.


Pre-race jitters? Yeah,  the fact that I don’t feel anything worries me. I have had NO pre-race weird dreams, no nerves, no nothing! So basically, I am worried that I am NOT worried…if that makes ANY sense. Before a marathon I generally have dreams of me forgetting my Garmin and shoes, or running mile one then having to start all over again, or getting locked in a bathroom before the race and ending up missing it all together. Not this time! Maybe it will set in when I step on my second flight from Seattle to Reykjavik.

Pre-trip jitters? YEP! So basically this is my first big trip out of the country by myself. No mommy, no daddy, no brother, no boyfriend. Just me. That gives me butterflies a little, but the little adventurous Jenn gets a little excited at the same time. I have been SO busy the past few weeks. I have been getting used to a new job, I have moved house, I went to Seattle, and so on. I had some MAJOR things slip my mind before this trip that I am beating myself up over a little bit. I forgot to pre-order currency! I know I will figure it out but oh boy. I also have that “uh oh” feeling in my tummy that I have forgotten things for the trip! I have checked my bag SO many time this morning it is remarkable.

Carry-on luggage

I have run 3 destination races now and I see the importance of packing efficiently and in a smart way. Since I have never flown on either of the two airlines I am taking, I am going to 100% pack the necessities that I cannot replace IF my bags were to be misplaced. Those necessities for me include:

  • Garmin, Charger and HR chest strap. (I used the Forerunner 310 XT)
  • Ipod mini and ear buds
  • Racing flats (I wear Boston Adidas II)
  • Fuel (My lovely cliff bars)
  • Fuel belt with bottles
  • Singlet (Just for this race, my team diabetes singlet) with itinerary
  • List of phone numbers (I.C.E, hotels, Team Diabetes coordinators etc)
  • compression socks

Personally this is what I bring, but I am sure some people vary with their opinions on this. I figure that clothing is pretty replaceable in a “must have” situation so I don’t pack it with me. I will be bringing other things like my neck pillow, laptop and magazines too but these are just running essentials.

Why Iceland?

I have been asked this a lot. Now, with Team Diabetes you have a choice on destination. I have this fascination with knowing my heritage, my family tree, my roots. In fact, the tattoos I do have on my body have to do with those things. They are very important to me. My great grandmother was Icelandic and I have wanted to go to Iceland but never saw a change arise. This was my chance. It would have been nice to go and run in Rio, or any other hot destination too but I figure this is a place I would LOVE to run in. I run best in cooler temperatures and the scenery looks so neat!

What I hope to get from this trip?

I will be honest, and in no way am I TRYING to be a debbie downer..but I have had the worst experience with fundraising. It has totally turned me off of it and I know for a fact, I will never try something like this ever again. I have become VERY bitter about how people are and I don’t like how bitter I have become at all! I want to think the best of people, but I have been prove pretty wrong when it comes to asking for help. I hope to find this trip beneficial in some way. I have found myself becoming more cynical, more whiny and more complainy then ever before purely due to this fundraising and I hate it. I believe that you should be cautious of the energy you exute to others because you can lift up or bring people down with the things you say. I don’t like feeling like I am a debbie downer and have done my best to bottle up all this frustration. To say the least, I can’t wait to have it done with.

I hope that this trip will be memorable in a good way, that I will learn about my Great Grandmothers culture and city. I also hope to Personal best my race, but I won’t be butt hurt if I don’t. I want to enjoy the beautiful landscape as much as I can for 42.2 km of running! 😉

I also wonder if I will be able to fit an Icelandic pony in my suitcase home. Do you think anyone would notice? Or maybe I could ride one for 42.2 km instead 😉

Blog/Vlog my travels?

I plan on blogging as long as the internet connection is decent. I hear the Wifi is amazing there, so I will do my best. I was going to Vlog, but I am still unsure. I may vlog if I feel up to it, but no promises here.

Anyway, I love you all! Stay tuned for the blogs and the photos to come! I will take many!

❤ JJ


7 thoughts on “24 hours until I leave for Iceland!

  1. Hey there little miss superhero!
    What you’re doing is amazing! I’m sure you will feel a close connection with your grandma there.
    It’s good you’re not too jittery and amazingly brave of you to travel alone. I hope none of your baggage goes walk-a-bouts.
    I’m sorry I’ve been unable to sponsor you, but I’m having a bit of financial issues (along with a few other issues) at the moment, but you’re totally in my thoughts and I send the sincerest hope that it goes well for you.
    I remember how impossible I found fundraising just to get a mere £100 British Pounds. You’ll certainly have earned a break from long distances and fundraising.
    Looking forward to hearing about your epic adventure . xoxox

    • Hey love!
      It is really okay. You have supported me in every part of my journey, whether it be weight loss, running or just being there for my fundraising and rooting for me. It means more then anything! I really wish I could hop the ocean and see you in England! But hopefully one of these days I can 🙂 love ya!

  2. Hey there Jenn.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Probably too late now, but do you have any records (maybe genealogy) on your distant relatives from there? Maybe there are still some descendents that you could visit, maybe a graveyard to find names, and so on. I’ve never been much for that type of thing myself but I know lots of people enjoy it. And others in your family may not get to go to Iceland and might be interested in what you could find.

    On the support thing. I saw a YT WL vlogger who actually wrote a book about her weight loss because of feedback from her viewers, many of whom swore they’d buy a copy the moment it became available. Of course, of her thousands of subs, nobody ordered a copy! She was very angry and devastated. She actually put in a bit of her own money to get the thing published too. So these things do happen and it sucks, especially when it seems that some were going to support but don’t.

    I was very disappointed with some of the stuff that happened with me on YT with support. I felt I gave a lot of support to a lot of people, almost all of whom did not reciprocate or soon vanished, even though I somehow had the impression that we were at least “weight loss buddies” (lol). As a result I’m not even doing vids anymore really, I just don’t see the point unless it’s something on a hike or something scenic I want to look back on and share with family maybe. So, just saying all this because I sympathize.

    I know your trip will be amazing. I’m still clawing my way up the long-run ladder but I will be doing marathons (and hopefully an ultra someday, lol) eventually too. Take some good pictures!

    • Hey Bert 🙂
      I have some names, may go over to the city hall see what I can find if I have time to. Otherwise I will just take it all in. Looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL out there 🙂
      Thanks for your constant support though, I feel so run down and beaten up after this whole experience and really its the people that I have known for YEARS that I feel more disappointed with. People who have suddenly dropped off the face of the earth once I try and do something for a good cause. Not answering calls, texts, facebook anything. Makes me REAL bitter lol. Anyway, having ppl like you and Jackie with your kind words mean the world. And the donation you made earlier this year means so much too. You rock 🙂

  3. How exciting! I love that you’re going to Iceland on your own! So great. I can totally understand your frustration with people’s negativity regarding fundraising, but I know your experience there with trump all of that garbage. I don’t think people understand that even $2 is appreciated because it’s the support you need and every bit helps. Forget all that. Enjoy yourself, run, smile, and take it all in. Good luck! Can’t wait to read all about it!

    • Thanks so much! I feel bad being such a negative nancy on this blog but it is honestly how I feel! it has been SUCH a hard journey! Thanks so much for your donation and support. Seriously means the world!

  4. Hey Jen. Is it too late to donate now that you’re en route? I wanted to help before but I got some bad family news and had to book a flight home (It’s probably cheaper to fly to Iceland than to Newfoundland!!), but today is my payday and I’d like to chip in a little. So sorry if it’s too late 😦

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