Iceland Day 1- Bacon bacon everywhere!

Cute little town we have here in Reykjavik. It was a bit chilly this morning, heavy low fog. But just as the websites have warned me, whether can change in a matter of 10 minutes. It totally lifted and brought out a bright and shiny day. After arriving from the airport we were shuttled to our hotels which were not ready until just after noon. So we all met at the Centrum hotel for a Team Diabetes brunch after walking about to waste some time.

At this brunch I tried a “bacon wrapped sausage”which was deceiving. You would think, “hey! its bacon wrapped! it must be tasty yet terrible for you!” WRONG(ish). It is terrible for you AND not that tasty in my opinion. Too salty and fatty and bleh!

So with this artery clogging roll I had a small veggies sandwich and a bit of an omelet with you guessed it! Bacon. I washed it down with a few cups of coffee for my mission today was to BEAT jet lag’s arse!

After brunch, we all walked to back to see who’s rooms were ready. Mine was not so I hung out a bit in the lobby until it was. I met my roommate and packed up my day pack for my little walk around town. My first stop was the grocery store. I picked up some water, grapes and this snazzy drink. Caffeine? yes please!

I decided to trek up one of the main streets to check out some stores and to possible visit the Church at the top of the hill. I did exactly that! The church was beautiful and I sat for a prayer in a pew.

I simply LOVE the little colourful rooftops of this town, however you must keep a watchful eye. From what I see, cars tend to have the right of way. I could be wrong, but the drivers are fairly aggressive here. So remember to keep your head up!

After seeing the lovely church, I hopped down another street and found a few cute shops. I picked up this bracelet and this top!

I came back to the hotel to rest for a bit and tried my best not to fall asleep. I was failing terrible so I decided to set an alarm for an hour and a half. Now here I sit, blogging. I should probably venture out and grab dinner, yet I am not feeling all that hungry. We will see!
Love you all!



One thought on “Iceland Day 1- Bacon bacon everywhere!

  1. Believe it or not but I recently spoke to a registered dietician (I think she was “registered”, anyway — one wonders) who sang the praises of saturated fat, especially lard and things like bacon!! LOL, right? It doesn’t seem that the majority of scientific opinion agrees with this though, but it’s funny how contradictory the advice out there is. No wonder everyone is confused all the time. I avoid meat in general due to links with cancer and heart disease. But again, maybe that’s also bogus? At any rate, I still eat some but just not nearly so often. Mr. Jurek claims that going vegan dramatically helps your running performance, so maybe quasi-vegan/sometimes will help me a little bit.

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