Team D Reykjavik Day 2








So we started this morning off with a 9 am “fun run” to get the legs pumped, and ready for tomorrows big day! About half of the team showed up for the run and we went a very slow 7:15 / km pace. We ran about 5.4 km.

My roommate and I picked up our race packs and headed to our hotel just in time to pick up a nice little breakfast.

I must say, the coffee here is SPECTACULAR. Feels like I am back in France and Italy. Loved the coffee there too! I was super delighted to see they have peanut butter and flax bread for breakfast. I know what I am having before the race tomorrow morning!

After breakfast I scurried to the room to shower up and get ready. I decided I would get on the red hop on hop off bus tour and see what kind of trouble I could get up to. I think the tour was worth it. It was 3000 ISK (about 25 dollars Canadian). There wasn’t much information given on the tour but learned a few facts that I did not know about Iceland.

I hopped off at one of the shopping centers. One thing about Iceland, shopping is pretty pricey. I looked at some nike shoes and they converted to be about 275 dollars Canadian…WOW! No thanks! I hit up one of my favorite UK stores Accessorize and looked about at Top Shop and Zara. Picked up these cute things at Accessorize though. Yes. Yes that is a cupcake necklace…


Also, I have been visiting many of the restaurants that don’t include an English portion of the menu. To say the least, I can recognize what “pizza” looks like on a menu in Icelandic so I have had that twice now! 😛

After the tour I walked to the local information tourist desk to book a tour. I booked a tour for the Blue Lagoon on Sunday. I figure it will be a good way to recover from the Marathon. Sitting in a geothermic bath, aka hot spring. YES PLEASE! Cannot WAIT!

I got back to the hotel where I freshened up. At 5:30 I met with Team D in front of the Centrum hotel and we all walked over to the restaurant for dinner. It was “carb load” night with the Team and honestly I don’t really eat pasta the night before a race anymore but I went with it. Luckily they had a LOT of dairy free options. The soup was a dairy and gluten free butternut squash soup. I had some bow tie pasta with tomato sauce, some raw veggies and fruit salad for dessert!

So tomorrow is the big day. What do I hope for? Well, seeing as I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING the climate and the elevation here, I am hoping to see a PB. I figure if I wake up in good spirits and my body feels well, I am bound to do well! I just pray for no fog. The fog here sits SUPER low to the ground so I would not want that. Now I sit here with my compressions socks on and my feet up with water bottle in hand. Time for an early bed time!

Love you all! ❤



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