Team D: Reykjavik, Iceland Day 3


Today was the big day. I was so excited to get suited up. So this morning I started with a cup of coffee, 2 slices of toast with PB.

At 8 am we met in the parliament square for a Team D photo op. The race start wasn’t until 8:40. I walked over around 8:15. The nerves finally showed up! Was little nervous going in and I will tell ya, they kind of got the best of me. Within the first km, my fuel bottle had unlatched itself from my belt. I had a tap on my shoulder and was informed that it was gone. Luckily a nice man ran up the bottle to me. Then about 14 or so minutes into the run I thought something was off. “Hm.. my garmin generally doesn’t notify me when I hit kilometer markers on long runs….OH CRAP” I had totally forgotten to set my intervals of 10 and 1’s on my watch. I should have just done it manually and kept glancing at my watch, but NOPE. I decided to button mash and restart my garmin. Crap. So I had no idea where I was distance wise half the time.

The route itself was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I Definitely could run this again! Loved the scenery and wild life.

I took the first third of the race around a 5:45/ km pace but kept finding myself speeding up and telling myself to calm it down. Took the next third around 5:30/km and the last third between a 5:00/km and a 5:15/km. I caught up with a few team D mates around 37 km. I was the first Team D girl to finish and the second out of 10 full Team D marathoners to finish.

Considering all the hiccups at the start of the race, I am happy with my time. Though I did not PB…I RAN A MARATHON IN FREAKIN ICELAND. So thats pretty cool! Marathon number 6 under the belt with a finisher time of 4:04:12. Top 100 finish at 64th place out of 650 or so. 31st out of women aged 18-39.

During this race they gave out powerade, water, bananas and snickers bars. WOW. Snickers bars gave me KILLER energy! I was so pumped to run once I downed those bad boys! After the race they had soft pretzels, bananas, more snickers, water, powerade and coca cola.

I waddled back to the hotel with Troy, Riley and a few other Team mates to wash up. My roommate and I grabbed a very late lunch around 4. I had a burger and fries. YUMMMEHH! Then I crashed for a nap for 2 hours, had a late dinner at 9 pm, and hung out with more members to talk about the race in the lobby.

This week is also Iceland’s culture week and WOW do they party here. People were partying last night until 6 am! There were drunks on the street when I went to go for my race! Tonight is only going to be worse, I am SURE of it (hello ear plugs). So many drunk under aged kids its a bit sad. I am not talking like 18 years olds either. I am talking like 12 year olds! The age limit here for drinking is 20 (surprised me too!) I honestly don’t plan on going out because its overwhelming the amount of people there are and most of them drunk. Makes me feel really uneasy.

However, before heading back to the hotel I treated myself to an ice cream cone. MMMM. Sooo good! Now its time to plug up the ears and get to sleep! I have a sore achey body and no bath tub. BUT I am visiting the blue lagoon tomorrow! Hello Geothermal pool!! 😀

Love you all! ❤



2 thoughts on “Team D: Reykjavik, Iceland Day 3

  1. I am so proud of you, Jen! Way to go!! Lovely scenery, indeed, and I have loved all of these recaps from each day. I hope it isn’t too loud this evening, and hope you’re able to rest.

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