Team D: Reykjavik, Iceland Day 4

The day after the race. Ouch. All I can say is OUCH! My quads were on FIRE! Luckily had a trip to the blue lagoon planned. I brought some snacks with me. I LOVE this yogurt, wish they had it in Canada! Lots of protein and its thick! Love that

They picked me up around 12:30 and got to the lagoon around 2. I wish I planned for an earlier bus because time went by FAR too fast. I met a cool girl from San Fran. Her name was Jen (hence why shes so cool 😉 its a good name!). She ran the race as well. She has some pics from the race that she will be emailing me. My camera isn’t waterproof so I didn’t get any pics of the lagoon itself.

This is what the water looks like though. This is outside of the gates. My first thoughts was “I wonder who was the first guy who discovered this area and went HEY I WANNA SWIM IN THE WEIRD LOOKING WATER” :P. Its so lovely. The water is so hot and they have facial mud to put on your face. I joined in and wow. My skin was so smooth and soft after! Unfortunately had to catch the 3:15 bus so I had enough time to shower up for the Team D Victory Celebration dinner.

I got made fun of for taking pics of my food. Hey! Its how I do! For the first course we had a pancake with mushrooms. So good!

Second course was risotto and chicken

Last course was a white chocolate mouse!

It was beautiful out, the rain held off. Apparently it is suppose to rain all week so I am just missing the wet weather.

I met some amazing people. Team D people and non Team D people. I was nervous to travel on my own but I am glad I did. I got to make my own plans, and see what I wanted to see. I enjoyed it that much more. I would definitely travel on my own again!

Love you all!

❤ J


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