#CHANGE week 6

Hello lovelies!

So this week was more on the tough side. Mentally wasn’t in the best spirits and it was a constant struggle to make good choices. When I made choices I regretted I would guilt myself and beat myself up. I ate a number of things that I know I shouldn’t have. So I dedicated this weekend to regrouping, recollecting and centering myself. Back on the train we get! I got all my workouts done and worked very hard in them, just made a few choices I shouldn’t have and also realized how tough my new schedule will be. Juggling this job and school will be tough! Luckily I graduate this spring! 🙂

How did I do this you ask? Well thanks for asking! 😛 When I first started my weight loss I would make daily goals. I am very goal orientated so I wrote down these three for Saturday:

1. Drink at least 3 of my big 40 oz water bottles

2. burn 600 calories minimum on my workout

3. Be kind to myself. Stop being so critical of myself.

All in all, this helped immensely. I reached all these goals and felt so much better. I also got right back into running routine. Had my usual steak, potato and veggie dinner. Drank a cup of tea before bed. Got to bed at a decent hour to wake early.

My 30 km training run went VERY well. I can tell my pace is getting better and overall, I feel SO much better after running 30 km then I used to. I have some tightness in my calves but that’s due to the terrain I ran today. I ran the 30 km in under 3 hours so I am happy with that. Average pace of 5:51/ km.

Next, as promised on my YouTube channel, I will be presenting body composition and body shots every 4 weeks. I warn you now, I am a VERY pasty individual…get them sunglasses ready!!

So last year I used the body composition Tanita machine I was weighed in at 33% Body Fat which surprised me to be honest. For my newer readers/viewers I am 22 years old and I am 5 foot 7. So my healthy range is 21-33% according to the Tanita machine. This time it weighed me at 28.7% which I am happy with but not completely satisfied with. My first goal I want to get to is 22% which would put me around 145 lbs. The machine also took my weight which I will use as my weekly weigh in. I was up from last Sunday as I suspected. Weighed in at 158.4 lbs.

So here we go, here is the first body shot. Eek! (as you guys from YouTube know, I have been nervous to present this but I think it will keep me accountable).

Also, I hit up Running Room yesterday. I have had a few people ask why I do this, but I have a separate pair of shoes I use just for racing. AKA my racing flats. I personally do this because I prefer a very minimalist shoe on race day. I usually wear the Adidas Boston shoes but I find Adidas’s newer models are not fitting my foot as nicely as I would like. So I went with New Balance, which is weird because usually NB is totally wide on me. I have a fairly narrow foot and usually NB is too wide in the toe box for my liking. Here they are though! I love them and they are the lightest pair of shoes I think I have owned (besides my vibram 5 fingers of course).

These babies will be carrying me through my 7th full marathon! I cannot wait to start breaking them in. I will be starting this week. I usually try to get at least 25 km on a shoe before a race at least!

Anyway, this week I am committing to being kind to myself and being the best Jenn I can be! Hope you all have a great week!


4 thoughts on “#CHANGE week 6

  1. I’m sure you’ve probably considered this already, but something that I think of when you talk about eating the wrong foods or eating too much is how hard it is in my experience at least to balance the energy equation when your workouts are as frequent and intense as either one of us. I don’t care how many “Body Buggs” or other devices we strap to ourselves, how many textbooks or calculators we consult, or even how good our logbooks and notes are on our own custom calorie burns, the fact of the matter is none of these is spot-on and the more “epic” our workouts the harder it is to fuel enough but not go overboard. Especially when there are weeks with changes and we do more than usual (or even less than usual).

    I consider myself a fairly educated and intelligent on all this stuff and I’ve obsessed about it a lot over the last couple of years, consulting textbooks and medical people, and yet I still find it incredibly challenging to lose weight or even maintain sometimes while trying to dual-train for running/cycling stuff. If I slack back on some of it, it becomes easier. Frankly, it’s easiest if all I do is very light stuff like walking or short workouts that don’t burn much. I just think that anyone who is physically active, say someone who “works out” 3-4x per week or more, is already a tiny minority. People who have run at ALL in their lives are probably even a smaller one. People who run marathons even smaller. And many who do these things were never obese, certainly not morbidly so. I don’t think you were ever that heavy but I was close if not beyond that for myself. How much data is there on balancing weight loss for the formerly obese vs. major physical activity?

    I know this is a long post but I’ll just say that for me, I CAN lose weight and still do my cycling and running. BUT, most of the time, I start to feel like shit when I do! I can literally feel the depletion in my body. The moment I ramp up eating to maintenance levels, I’m good again. If I eat so much that I re-gain, I do fantastic! And no it’s not that I’m not getting enough protein, it’s not that I’m not eating enough micronutrients (I don’t THINK, anyway, although nobody is perfect) — it really, to me, seems that it’s just that at some stage our bodies are saying “you want me to do all this and yet you’re not feeding me enough? Screw you!!” You know what I mean?

    I had to have some major, major heavy meals the night before my big bike rides. If I don’t, I feel like crap, I’m slow and my muscles don’t want to respond. Losing weight is just totally at odds with maximal performance with these activities. I’m sure there’s a way around it, but weight loss is hard enough as it is and weight loss while being a quasi-athlete is, for me, is sometimes a bridge too far! Maybe I’ve lost my Superman outfit.

    • I feel ya Bert. I must say weight loss comes slightly easier without the large lengthy endurance runs. Its one of the reasons I am making a bit of a break from the marathon distance after this race. Running over 6 miles generally has our body requiring more carbs and sugars within the body just for general functions during the activity so I can see where this toughness comes from, for me anyway. Blood sugar dips= cranky jenn/i wanna eat everything in site jenn.
      After this race I plan on sticking with the ten km distance and POSSIBLY the half distance. I wanna get more into lifting at the gym. I find when im lifting and what not i dont get the same kind of hunger I get when im in marathon training mode. But thats just me.
      Thanks for the awesome comment. Love seeing the kinds of thoughts provoked around training and nutrition and weight loss. And you know what Bert? WE ARE GONNA DO THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. Go us!!

  2. I haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile and it looks like I came at the perfect time. I’m so proud of you for posting your sports bra pics. You look Awesome, girl!! Good luck on your 7th Marathon. Sub 4:00 here you come!!!

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