#Change – Busy week!

Hey guys!

So this week was slightly better. It was a busy busyyyy week and honestly I did feel I was eating well. But yet again, the scale was not “ever in my favor” (hunger games on the mind..sorry ;)). Last Sunday I weighed in at 161.2 (which I totally didn’t mention..I don’t think) and this week the scale was a 162. My low for the week was 160.2. (friday). I feel it was up since I got in to Victoria late and therefore had a later dinner then usual, but heck, that may be my way of justifying it.

My workouts were on par, I felt my food was good but I will be making changes for the upcoming week. Did LOTS of morning 30 minute workouts whether they be runs out in the beautiful Victoria sun, or just HIIT in my living room!

This week I got lots of running in and to say the least it only took a few days to break in my new racing flats!


Friday I was up at 4:30 am to get ready and get to the airport. A few Goodlife Trainers from both locations here in Victoria, and around the province were meeting in Langley for “base camp” to learn about building clientele, build our business and learn more of what we can do as trainers. I really was glad I went and got to know some new associates and get to learn more about my position and career.

Saturday Matt and I hit up Sooke for some paddle boarding which was SO much fun and honestly, I felt like I was rocking my bikini even with what the scale was telling me.

As for this morning, Matt and I rose at 6 am to prep for our run this morning. We have talked about what he will be doing in the upcoming race and he will be downgrading to the half. So he ran 17 km with me then we branched off and I ran the rest on my own. This run went by SO fast, love when that happens! Ran 37.1 km and ended it off with a soy pumpkin spice latte! Yum!

Now for this week, I will be writing my meals out ahead of time. That usually is a winner decision for me. I also will be working on hydrating and mister scale is not coming out until Friday probably. I will be in Vancouver this weekend so I want to use my scale! It has been creeping out and I have been using the scale on days that ARE NOT weigh in days. Not good for me right now! Now to end on this little pic from the lovely Tone It Up girls. Things I need to remember!


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