#CHANGE: the case of the chocolate cravings!

Hello all,

Sorry for the late post! I was away this weekend and wanted to wait until I could use my own scale for my #CHANGE weigh in. So the overview of this week. I will be honest. I had some big slip ups. TMI ALERT, its that time of the month and I haven’t craved chocolate THAT hard EVER. What made it worse? What pushed Jonesee to her ultimate limit? Well, not only did I want chocolate all up in my pie CHOCOLATE hole, I was in class where I guess I didn’t get the memo? it seemed at least half the class brought their own chocolate and was nomnomnoming on it! OH and what is that you say? we are talking about the history of chocolate in class? lovely. OH what is that you say? we are also watching the film “Chocolat”?? Crap. My personal hell. I wish I could say I thought up that scenario, but I didn’t. Totally happened.

Either way, I was KICK ASS in the gym and on the pavement. Ran 48 km or so this week. Did many double workout days. Many before 6 am workouts as well.

Also, went back to Vancouver on Friday to see the Jason Mras concert with my brother. It was great as always. It was my second time seeing him live. I spent the night at my brothers and we went to infrared yoga. He has been going to this yoga place for a little while now and its amazing. I believe she is the only studio in town and its similar to hot yoga. It takes place in a warm studio, but it is not as intensely hot as bikrams style yoga. Its also a relaxing practice if you want it to be, or it can be strengthening. Saturday we did lots of core work in the warm room. Such as great way to start off fall and to start off a Saturday!

Sunday I woke up and ran my half marathon distance slow run. I went out and felt I was taking it easy. Yet I finished in under two hours comfortably. I feel like I am getting much quicker, which eh! I am happy with! I wore my new #fitfluential tank and loved how it fit!

I got all showered up and we went back to Vancouver and had a late lunch/early dinner at Cadero’s. One of my favorite restaurants to go to in Vancouver. I had salmons with asparagus and rice. Yum! Then off to the float planes to go back to the island. I really miss Vancouver, it is where my heart is for sure.  While I waited for my plane I read my text book and sipped on a complimentary soy chai tea latte. TOTALLY hit the spot! Reminds me of fall!

Now lets get to the nitty gritty. What did I weigh in at? well. Last week I had a tough week and weighed in at 162. This week it seems I have redeemed myself considering the slip ups I have had. 159.4 makes a loss of 2.6 lbs. Kick ass! very happy about this. Now to keep on truckin’!
My main goal this week is to look on the bright side of life. PMS has brought feelings of how sucky people are and how much some things in life suck over all. All I want to do this week is do yoga, read books and drink tea at home. Does that not sound nice? unfortunately, that’s not reality. Here is to a new, refreshed and positive week!



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