#CHANGE – #areyoukiddingmerightMEOW

Hello all!

So to start, I have no weigh in to report. Sorry! It has been a busy week and I felt too anxious to hop on…so I didn’t. This week has been really tough and not tough in regards to nutrition or fitness. I actually felt pretty good about those things. Juggling school and work has become very difficult. I love training so much but to be honest, I moved to Victoria FOR university. Therefore it is my priority. I am just being asked to pull a lot of hours for someone whose finishing up her degree and its stressing me out. (There were a lot of tears from this girl this week) Many tears and many angry runs that were FAR too fast for a girl who is tapering!!

So as for body comp and body shots, I think I may do these in a few weeks. I am feeling pretty high stress and high anxiety right now and really I need to take care of those emotions before anything.

Sunday I run my 7th full marathon and guess what? My Garmin does not want to start up. (#everybodypanic #runnersproblems #areyoukiddingmerightmeow ) So I have emailed Garmin Support and hopefully they will get back to me, otherwise my amazing lovely friend Tracy said she would lend me hers. (Isn’t she AMAZZZZINNNG?! Life saver!! crises averted!) I realized my Garmin was crapped out this morning before my run with Matt so I used the Mapmyrun App instead. Here is a lovely pic from the run though 🙂 it has been GORGEOUS out!

This weekend I had to take a Fitness First Aid and CPR class. So I spend 8-430 yesterday doing that. Glad that is done for the year! I went in there like a good little Canadian with my extra large black Timmie’s coffee. Yum!

What I am planning on doing post marathon is a sugar cleanse for at least 2 weeks. Absolutely NO sugar. I am waiting til after the race as I have sugar in my fuel sources and its kind of necessary to stay with what I have trained with all year in regards to fuel :P. It should be a grand ol’ time! This weeks goals are to eat clean, remember I am tapering and keep my chin up. I am aiming for no breakdowns this week like last week. I totally cried a river so lets hope there are none to be had.

Love you all! Next time we talk I will be crippled with compression socks, a pillow under my feet and endorphin rushin’ like no other as it will be a post race update!
❤ J

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