GoodLife Victoria Marathon 2012

Hey all,

So I have a good reason as to why this post is late. I will get to that. Hold tight. So first, here is the jacket that came with registration for those in the full marathon group and my race bib.

So yesterday was the marathon, I woke up feeling rested and had butterflies of excitement in my tummy. I did not feel nervous, just excited. Race day is like my Christmas. I have been looking forward to it all training and it was finally hear. I woke up, made my coffee, water and protein pancakes.

I went with the winning shirt for my race day shirt (the tank), which I was very Leary about as it was cotton. As you may or may not know, cotton isn’t the most BREATHABLE material and it is a great chafing agent. πŸ˜› Matt left me this note to read on my last walk break, I was so curious as to what it read the ENTIRE run that I made an idea of what it could say. I thought it was him writing to tell me he would meet me 1 km away from the finish to run me in to the finishing gates..was that it? READ ON!

Anyway, I walked to the start and talked to my Mom on the phone. Once I got to the start I used the gross port-a-potty then went to my starting carrell (aka the 4 hour finishing marker). I chatted a bit to a girl from Oregon aiming to qualify for Boston, so I knew off the bat we would not be running together since her qualifying time was for 3:35 like mine..not happening. We sang then Canadian anthem, which always gives me goosebumps before the race, and we were off. I seriously LOVE this course. I could be bias as I do train on it every Sunday basically.

At the 17 km mark I realized the tightness in my hips. Usually I take ibuprofen before and during the race, this time I planned to take both tablets at the half way point. Usually my hips don’t tighten up until the 27 km mark. Crap. I also had to use my friends Garmin as mine had stopped working a few days back and it kept jumping around with my pacing. Double Crap. I noticed my nerves were getting the best of me. I was aiming to get to the half way point by 2 hours and I reached there around 2:03. *mini panic*. If you know my running style, you know I don’t run a consistent pace. I run the first half pretty slow, then pick up for a quarter and pick up the last quarter even more. I aimed to reach the 31 km mark by 3 hours. Did it! *relief*

Around 39 km I really started struggling, mentally. I knew how far away I was, I have run this course 2 times before this and I train on it like I mentioned. I reached into my side pack and opened up Matt’s letter only to realize he wrote me a novel in cursive writing (adorable but who uses cursive these days? gosh I love this man. Also, giving a cursive written letter to a person who has run almost a full marathon is hopeless. I couldn’t read worth s#it! I was SO out of it at that point!!). I ended up saving it for later, though the first few words of his letter made me push on. Then I had a little tap on my shoulder from my friend Brad. That made me push even harder. I have been blessed with the most supportive circle of friends, in real life or via social networking (I met brad via twitter). I picked it up to sub 5 minute kilometers. My hips were SO tight and I felt like puking most of those last few kilometers.

I made the final turn and there were the gates. “JJ ROCKS, JJ ROCKS” I look to my left to see my old Running Room buddies chanting together. I almost wanted to tear up. Again, I am SO lucky to have people like this in my life. I reach the gates. Less than 200 meters left. HOLY CRAP, the clock is ticking and it looks like I am going to make it. I usually sprint the final 100 meters but there was no way. I sprinted the last 30 meters (MAYBE) and finished at 3:58:59. I stop the Garmin and felt as if I was gonna puke. I was so out of it as I hobbled towards the people giving out medals. I look up and see Matt’s face. I totally broke down and teared up as I hugged him.

“I DID IT!!” I couldn’t get over how emotional I was getting. He lets go of me and I look down and says “I have your medal” I look at it to see a ring safety pinned to it and a note on the back that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME” with a yes or no to check off. ” OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?” I was in total shock. Cameras were SWARMING me as I said YES and hugged him. We will have tons of photos from that day. Also the local new station interviewed us and we have plans to be on the radio later on this week. My two girl friends were there at the gates to hug me. Seriously, I am so lucky to have these people in my life. I could not be more grateful.

When I got to my phone, my twitter feed had BLOWN UP. Apparently there was live coverage of the finish. Oh. My. God. Great. Close ups of my sweaty, snotty, teary eyed, smiley, face. LOVELY. πŸ˜›

And the ring? well it fits! and what I love most is that its been passed through his family. It was his Grandmothers, who passed it to his mother who has passed it on to me. I am so grateful to have such a loving man who knows me so well. He went through so much just to get this together. He had the race coordinators in on it and everything. I couldn’t be more grateful for those who were there to support me on this day. My close friends Emily and Heather. Love you girls so very much. I am the luckiest girl out there!

As for my twitter friends, thanks for the constant support, laughs and good times all around. You guys rock and made me feel so very special on the big day. Not only did I PB, I was surrounded by the most amazing people during a very special time in my life. LOVE YOU ALL.


@Nikki2987 @jonesee90 Omg!!!!! That is so amazing!!!! Congratulations!! πŸ˜€
12-10-07 1:39 PM

Is that @jonesee90 getting proposed to at the finish?
12-10-07 12:48 P

@jonesee90 oh my god!!! Sub 4 and a proposal!
12-10-07 12:46 PM
AND HER BOYFRIEND PROPOSED TO HER!?!! Congrats Jennifer! RT @nikki2987: YAY!!!! @jonesee90 JUST CAME OVER THE LINE SUB4!!! CONGRATS!
12-10-07 12:46 PM



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