#CHANGE- post marathon


Hello my loves,

so post-marathon I know how my body reacts. Over the years I have become very aware of differences in my body due to running or nutrition. Post-marathon I usually experience: Marathon appetite, swelling, bloating and my body just feels soft overall. Doesn’t matter how hard I worked prior to the marathon I just feel “soft”.  So I made a few goals for myself to follow:


For Fitness, I mainly focused on low impact. Worked on the elliptical and weights again. I did try a bootcamp out on Thursday which I was VERY disappointed with. When I think bootcamp, I have a certain experience in mind. I think group work, I think client-trainer relationship and FUN. The trainer literally wrote down like 7 moves and we did pyramid sets 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2…THE ENTIRE CLASS. It seemed that it was all made on the spot and MAN it was boring. The trainer also sat and talked to her friend the entire hour..I did learn what I won’t do when I get into group training. Found it pretty unacceptable. I was sore the next day but you will be sore doing ANY movement over and over for an hour.

Yesterday I met a few friends at my old gym and paid for the drop in fee. MAN it took me back to first and second year! But started running on the treadmill and it felt good! First run post-marathon!

Nutrition wasn’t bad, I definitely feel my bloating going down which is lovely. I have decided today is the first day of my sugar “detox”. Probably will do this for a week MAYBE two. Its a challenge! There is sugar in SO many products! Including my go-to hot sauce! Luckily the other hot sauce I own had none in it!

Matt and I have been soaking in the engagement bliss. Last night we FINALLY had time to just rest together and watch a movie. I have had NO time or life for that matter in the past little while. I don’t know if I can keep this up much longer to be honest. If school is getting impacted, I need to figure out something new because I moved here FOR school and it IS my priority.

Anyway, here is to sugar free week and awesome workouts. (I have been enjoying my workouts now that I am not training for anything. Weird I know!)

❤ J



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