Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Solana from Solana Leigh Blog nominated me for a Libster Blog award (which recognizes and supports blogs)



11 Random Facts about ME :

  • I danced ballet from the age of 3 and a half until I was about 15. I also danced irish, hip hop, jazz and tap.
  • I played soccer from the age of 4 until I was 21. I miss it so much!
  • I’ve had my appendix and my tonsils surgically removed
  • My first dogs name was Jenny since my Mom didn’t know if I would be a boy or girl and always wanted to name her little girl Jennifer.
  • If I could eat one kind of food for the rest of my life it would be sushi. I LOVE SUSHI!
  • I like my tea and my coffee with nothing in it!
  • I used to hate my natural hair colour (blonde) and my freckles. I used to dye my hair reddish brown or black!
  • I was born and raised on the mainland (Richmond, BC, Canada) and miss Vancouver like no other!
  • I have family heritage back in the territory of Red River with Louis Riel and Marie Anne Gaboury.
  • I want to travel the world. I have already traveled to many countries, but I have a huge bucket list of places to travel to!
  • I was born with a full head of black hair!


11 Questions from Solana

1. What is your favorite mantra or motivational quote?


Yup! The phrase coined by Nike. It has been something I have told myself time and time again since I started my journey. When I do not want to do something? JUST DO IT. When I am at kilometer 39 of the marathon and my hips are tight, the bottoms of my feet are sore and all I want to do is stop. I grit my teeth, visualize that time I want and I JUST DO IT.  There are a lot of times we don’t want to do things but we know how much better we will feel when we do them. Who has ever regretted working out or running? I sure know I haven’t.

2. What’s the next big goal on your list?

For now I am putting away the racing flats as I need to let my body repair. I have run 7 marathons in the last 2 years, I know I be cray. So my next goal I am in the process of tackling is getting this last bit of weight off. I am aiming to get my body to 19 or 20% body fat. I wanna feel and look rockin’ in my wedding dress next summer!

3. Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

Vancouver. I love my city. I love that my family and friends are there, I love running the sea wall, I love climbing the grouse grind, I love the big city! I love everything about it! I miss it so much and I would LOVE to move back with my fiance in future years! I miss living by my family. I love working out, running and doing yoga with my big brother. I love taking the doggies for long walks with my parents. I miss it all so much! Can’t wait to spend a week there next week!!

4. You just won the lottery!!  What are the first 3 things you do/buy?

OI! this is tough! I would say a super kick ass road bike, a beautiful home in Vancouver near the ocean, and a dog! (I want a doggy so bad!!)

5. Since most of my nominees are Canadian – Timmys or Starbucks??  If you aren’t a Canuck, what’s your coffee place of choice?

Ohhh! Another toughy! I actually like Timmys coffee but I am such a Starbucks addict! I am going to say Starbucks!

6 Favorite app/website for killing time?

INSTAGRAM. I am such an addict, but twitter is a close second.

7. If you could travel & run a marathon anywhere in the world – where would it be?

Well this USED to be Reykjavik, Iceland..but I did that this summer! ING NYC marathon is still big on my list but I want to say somewhere I haven’t been yet. So I would love to run a marathon Ireland!

8. You can go for a run with anyone – who is it??

I may lose readers for this one.. but…TAYLOR SWIFT. I am honestly a HUGE fan and I find her so funny and quirky! I love her!

9. Best way to spend a recovery day?

Depends. If this is an active recovery day I would say low impact cardio or a nice walk with my hunny along the Vic West walk way. If I am doing nothing at all (ie. I am sick)? hmm.. compression socks, fleecey pajamas, hot tea, pillows, blankets and a bunch of fun movies!

10. Favorite race you’ve run and would recommend to everyone?

Goodlife Victoria Marathon. I may or may not be biased since I have raced this course 3 times and ran the half once…I also train on it almost every run! We almost ALWAYS get amazing weather, its a pretty decent course and not too hilly. I love how it starts and finishes right by the legislature.

11. Last but not least…Favorite thing to read about on other’s blogs?

Ooo. The blogs I generally follow are health, fitness, nutrition and running type blogs. Surprising no? So I love reading recipes, reviews or new fitness products/classes or workouts.

Questions for my Nominees:

1. If you could have one “cheat meal” and it magically had 0 calories FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE..what would that meal include?

2. What are 3 songs that get you pumped up to workout, run, cycle etc?

3. Favorite coffee drink or tea?

4. Favorite fitness brand for shoes or clothing?

5. Favorite go to meal or snack you make time and time again?

6. What is your next fitness goal you are reaching for currently?

7.  Are you superstitious when it comes to running races or during any other part of your life? is there a certain routine that MUST be followed?

8. Time to work out!! Gym or outside? Why?

9. What is your number one bit of advice for someone that is just getting into fitness or healthy eating?

10. Bungee jump or sky dive? and have you actually done one of these?

11. Is there something that you collect/have a collection of? if so, what?

My Nominees :

Jaime from Embracing Balance

Danielle from D. Sells Seashells

Bert from Bert’s Health

Jackie from Fattie2Fittie

Skye from Runner Skye


Thanks to Solana for tagging me! xo



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