#CLEANrestart Final Recap

So I figured I should do a final recap for #CLEANrestart. One thing that I learned real fast was to NOT call it a cleanse. The negative connotation to the word cleanse is CRAY! If the word came out of my mouth it was like I was about to keel over due to malnourishment! Everyone! Panic!! Detox seems to have a less negative feel to it but still not as good as “I am just eating non-processed clean foods.”
What I loved

– I felt light- Jess put it best. That feeling you have when you wake up? That stays with you all day.

– No tummy issues- I have a problematic stomach. Dairy intolerance has progressively become worse and worse over the years. Dairy is in some of the most surprising places. Some of my favorite DAVIDsTea’s have dairy in their loose tea, some preservatives have lactose in them (found this is many sports gels) and many other areas.

– No reliance on Coffee – I was the girl getting my Grande Americano with an extra shot and always had a cup of coffee in hand. What? there is a bottom of my mug?! don’t think I ever saw it! Coffee must ALWAYS be in my coffee mug! Now, coffee has been exchanged for teas. Mmm.

– great to clean out the toxins- As someone who ate frozen meals, canned meals and packaged foods for some time, it was good to get give my insides a little clean out. On the old WW program (which is how I started my journey), I found it promoted you to eat the LOW CAL LOW FAT option, which often meant chemicals, preservatives, and packaging!

What I did not like as much

– Missed solid meals- I know I get one solid meal a day but I would sometimes crave a dinner that was more solid AND I missed my eggs and eggwhites!!

– It can be tough to follow to a T if you have an extremely active daily routine- I am a trainer, I am on my feet all day. I am up and down with my clients, spotting or doing exercises with them. I am also constantly walking and commuting from home to campus to work. Oh and I workout too. SO yeah, it made it tough to stick to 3 eating times a day! I often went with 4 times a day on my tougher days!

-It is very restrictive- on the plus side 3 weeks isn’t THAT long but it makes it tough if you eat at restaurants often or just socialize a lot!


All in all, I am happy I went through with it. Definitely have had results. Weight loss, Inches decreased, BF% went down and that “poofyness” I had in my tummy seems to have gone away. I definitely suggest it if you have been a serial process food eater for a very long time! It basically eliminates very common food allergens from your routine, and cleans out the body. Sounds all good and fun right ;)? But I am very happy to be back to having my 5 meals a day and solid foods!


Hope you are having a DANDY weekend everyone! No weigh in or anything this weekend or next since I am on my way to Vancouver for family time, health fairs and a Can-Fit-Pro conference! So excited!







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