What next?

Hey all!

It is reading break for us UVIC students and you know what that means…PAARRTTTY. Aka…writing papers and trying to catch up on sleep. Friday was my last day at work, I don’t think I mentioned this in the blog but I gave in my 2 weeks…just over two weeks ago. There were a number of reasons why I felt I needed to do that, but I won’t go through those. I will say this, I am not regretting this move one bit! My soul and my heart feel happy. I am finally over the weird stressful self-struggle I was in for the past month. I am FREEE (*insert image of me pulling the classic titanic pose but substitute the titanic for the BC ferries Coastal celebration 😉 )


So what next?
Well I am still going to be training people. I am in the process of getting my own fitness brand and getting a webpage up and running. But while that is being set up I still am meeting with clients on a regular basis. I also work as a Beachbody Coach which I absolutely love! (I have a month long challenge coming up starting December 1st, email me at jonesee90@gmail.com to claim your spot!! only a few left!!) I am so happy to have Beachbody, it made it easier to make the move to leave my last job. If you have ever wanted to know more about being a coach please let me know! Email me!
So all in all, I am having to go for my dream of working for myself sooner than expected. Which is totally fine. I don’t work well being micromanaged, I am a student so I need hours that I can work with, and this seems to be the way I will go about those things. I want to still train and be in the fitness industry. I didn’t study my butt off and work this hard to get my certification just to go back down to work in retail or something of that sort. I want to do what I love, fitness is what I love. I am excited and nervous at the same time. However, I know I have the courage and drive to go for what I want. So here we go.


How do you find courage to make a big change in your life?



One thought on “What next?

  1. Congratulation on taking that big step. You will be great. It is hard to take that first step but once you do then everything will work out.

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