Hey everyone,


On Tuesday, my fiance Matt and I are off to Winnipeg to visit his family for the holiday season. I will be staying with them for a week. It made me think, I should blog about how to stick to your plan when you are staying with family or friends for an extended period of time. Luckily, Matt’s family sees where I am coming from with my weight loss journey and they are so very supportive. But I know how tough it can be to say “no” to who those people I like to call “pushers.” You know! Those family members or friends that keep insisting you have a glass of wine or a piece of pie even when you have declined once or twice already! I am in that situation time and time again. So here are a few tips for you on how to stick to your plan when you are staying away from home!


Hey look! its me in Winnipeg 😉

My tips for sticking to your healthy habits while staying with friends or family

1. Bring any of your favorite products that you may not be able to repurchase while you are there.

I am bringing my bag of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, GNC Genetix HD and some of my chocolate Casein protein powder. I can buy almond milk, almond butter, and anything else I may need to stick to my plan at the grocery store there!

2. Pack those Gym shoes and clothes!

Just because you are staying at someone else’s place doesn’t mean you have to sit on your butt all day! I am planning on hitting up the YMCA when I am visiting his family and I am also bringing my Insanity DVDs. It may be -20 and snowing there, but I plan on working my butt off!

3.Get someone on board with you

I have briefed Matt. He is allowed to call me out on being lazy or if I am making too many poor choices! Some of my friends are surprised that I let him tell me if I am being naughty with my choices! But honestly, it keeps me on track! Sometimes I need that!

4. Give yourself an allowance

I make myself an allowance of how many glasses of wine (or whatever your alcohol drink of choice is) for the week and how many “treats” I can have (treats=dessert, heavier meals, or higher calorie meals). But I try not to have a glass of alcohol AND a treat meal in the same day, if that makes any sense.  So if you have mister “pusher” over there saying “HEY SALLY, COME ON! HAVE A GLASS” you can have that glass and just nurse it! Same with desserts, just take your time and savor it.

5. If you rather not have something, simply tell them you can’t have it!

If they really don’t get it that you don’t want that pie or glass of wine, say “I really appreciate it but I can’t.” If they don’t get it STILL, lie. Yep! I have told people I have allergies just because they don’t get it. “Sorry I am gluten free, egg free AND dairy free.” What? those allergies are SO common these days, they will get it then ;). Like I have said before, I am sure Santa will forgive you on this little white lie!

6. Write it down

I used to track every little bite I took during my weight loss. Before I found it hard to stop eating when I was full if there was still food in front of me. Now I find I know how to listen to my hunger signals and how to make proper choices, so I don’t track as often. However, when I am going away and I want to stick to my guns, I will bring out the app or the notebook and start writing it all down just to make sure! If you feel like you don’t have control or you are “losing grip” of your situation with eating and activity while away, this is a sure way to make you feel in control again.

7. Suggest healthy activities to do together

For example, you can make it a habit to go for a morning or evening walk every day, go ice skating together, walk to church, or bake healthy treats together. Doing things together as a family or as a group of friends makes things much more fun and memorable. Everyone loves a good skate with Santa, or a healthy dark chocolate hot cocoa by the fire! 🙂

8. Make daily goals for yourself

I find making mini goals can make things much more manageable and WAY less overwhelming. Mini goals like “drink 2.5 litres of water today” “Workout for at least 30 minutes” or “Stay in a positive mindset and practice positive self talk!” are all good ones. Something that is manageable and will keep you on track!

9. Make healthier choices or subsitutes

I am a huge fan of hot beverages at this time of year. I am OBSESSED with DAVIDsTea. Especially the winter collection! I almost always have at least one cup of tea a day. Or something as simple as fresh lemon sliced into a mug of hot water. Hot cocoa? try some stevia, cocoa powder and hot almond milk mixed together for a bit of a healthier twist (you can also add some PB2 for a PB and chocolate taste to it!)

10. Don’t be your worst enemy

It is FAR too easy to beat yourself up for a choice you may have made. We are human. Practice positive self talk and when you think something mean about yourself think “would I say this out loud to my friends?” the answer will probably be no. Be nice to yourself. Love who you are now, and who you will become!



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