Review: All Sport Bra *HR Monitor by Lululemon

Hey everyone,

So as many of you can tell by my Instagram photos and blog posts, I am a HUGE Lululemon fan. So when I saw this product online I floored with yet ANOTHER brilliant idea the company came up with. As you may or may not know, I am a huge tech geek when it comes to working out. I run with a GPS watch and I workout with a Heart Rate monitor (Polar FT4).  So I have experienced the awkward sports bra over lap/under lap with the HR monitor chest strap. Also, on marathon distances I get to experience the Oh-So-Lovely chafing from my chest strap/ sports bra power struggle. (SO not the feeling I look forward to when I shower after a long run! Ohhh ahhh! It burns!) So like I said, this idea is just absolutely BRILLIANT and I had super high hopes for it.


At first glance:

1. I am a somewhat busty girl. I will let it be known on the bloggerverse. I am a 34 D. So my worries usually are stemmed around the support of a bra. I have bras that are just “weight lifting bras” and “running bras” dependent on what kind of support they have. So at first glance, it didn’t look like something that would support well even though the tag reads “Designed to keep the girls in place on a high-impact jog” and “A medium to full support sports bra for the B to D cup girl.”

2. How does it wash? I never put sports bras or any of my sports clothing in the dryer as is, but I was curious as to how the strap would do in the wash.

3. I like the cross back straps and I like the thickness of the straps

4. Like many Lululemon products, it comes with a bit of a steep price. However, I find majority of their items to have good quality and absolutely adorable so I am willing to pay the price.


The Bra:

Like I mentioned, I am normally a 34 D and I picked up a size 8.

The Bra comes in various colours. Black, striped, and a bubble gum pink.

Straps are thick and criss cross at the back.

Allegedly works with most HR monitor transmitters, I use a polar so that is what I used. You just snap it into the snaps provided like the photo shows below.


Test # 1: 6.5 km run with my Nike +GPS

So this may not have been the best watch to test this out with. I honestly have a beef with this watch and I am a Garmin girl at heart but I am trying to work with it. The watch does not show your Heart Rate just calories burned, and they aren’t normally accurate since it doesn’t factor height into its settings. But the Nike watch does work with a polar transmitter so that is what I used. So this may not be the best to test the accuracy of the transmitting function.

Comfort: It felt comfortable. I bought the appropriate size it felt like and didn’t feel any tightness or tugging.  I also felt it was still flattering in a way that it didn’t make me get the infamous sports bra “uni-boob” situation.

Support: This surprised me. It was much more supportive than at first glance. I felt supported but I will be honest and say I probably wouldn’t make this my “go to” running bra. I would most likely use it more for spinning or something lower impact.

All in all: Definitely would not see myself wearing this on any runs past 2 hours. I do feel there would be chafing under the arms and in the back if I did not wear bodyglide (aka anti-chafe stick).

Test #2: 1 hour of Insanity and TurboFire DVDs

So with this test I wore my Polar HR monitor. I dampened the sensors as you do with regular chest straps (also was recommended on the Youtube video by Lululemon) and got to my warm up with Insanity. As some may know, Insanity and TurboFire are full of hopping about in your living room and they leave you a sweaty mess, so I thought this would be a great test.

Downfall: For what ever reason I could not keep a signal. My HR monitor kept beeping saying “lost HR” and it distracted me from my workout. I gave is 3 tries throughout the warm up and I was just plain old annoyed with the constant “lost HR” beeping and gave up and put my chest strap on.

Test #3: Walk into and from town

So Matt and I decided to have a nice little morning walk on my birthday last Saturday into and back from downtown. On my way into town I had a constant Heart Rate transmission. However, once I stopped my HR monitor to eat lunch and decided to turn it back on for our walk home, I could not find my pulse. I was not gonna shove my hand up my shirt just to wet the sensors so I went on my way. I am a pretty warm person and (this may be gross and way too much info) find I can have the oh so sexy “under boob sweat” when I am walking around for lengthy periods of time in a sports bra.

Downfall: Inconsistent and hard to pick up a HR pulse at times.



I would rate this bra a 5/10.

I think it is a brilliant concept, it is comfortable, it is cute and has a decent amount of support. But for the price I am paying for a sports bra, I just hope it follows through with its claims. Unfortunately, I did not find the heart rate strap to be consistent. I really had high hopes for this bra and really hope I just got one that was defective or something because it is such an amazing idea. However, I can’t say I would suggest picking up this bra unless it is improved on.

Hope this helped! If you enjoyed the review, I would be happy to do this more often! Thinking of reviewing Insanity for you all as I just finished that up. Let me know what you think! ❤

7 thoughts on “Review: All Sport Bra *HR Monitor by Lululemon

  1. Thanks for the review! I was telling my trainer that they should invent these (he probably thinks it’s TMI, I’m sure) and little did I know they already existed. Too bad it doesn’t work that well. The sports bra I have works fine with my HRM strap anyway, and it’s perfect for my larger bust too (it’s a cheap one from Superstore, which has a sort of V-neck shape and doesn’t cause uniboob – totally perfect).

    • Yeah! I Hope Lululemon works on it because it is a brilliant idea. I have some bras that REALLY dont work with my strap and its pretty annoying. Ill just stick to my other bras for now 🙂

  2. I have this bra and I use it a lot for long bike rides 40-100 miles with Garmin Edge 500 and never lost transmission. You do need to have good contact in order to get a reading but I sweat a lot so this is never an issue.

      • Maybe I just got a bad one, I have tried it again and it worked better but it still would snap off from time to time if I was doing any activity that required me to bend down (ie burpees, mountain climbers, deadlifts).. so definitely not my “go to” bra. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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