Review: #Insanity by #Beachbody

Hey everyone,

As some of you may know I am a Beachbody coach and have been for a few months. I have recently completed Insanity and thought, hey why don’t I review it for you all! In the past I have done P90X and I was brutally honest about how much I disliked it when I vlogged my journey with that. So intend on being as honest as I can with you guys on this one too. So, is Insanity really ….Insane?

First I want to give a little background on me so you can see where I am coming from while reviewing this product. I find it hard to blog this review because of my past fitness background and I don’t want to come off like a snob or “know it all”. I have had many people ask me how hard it is and what not, and in some ways I feel it hard to answer that due to my long experience in fitness and sports. I find most people who take up this challenge are usually totally new to fitness.

My fitness background:

I have been active almost my entire life. I wasn’t overweight because I wasn’t active, I just ate what ever the heck I wanted. I played every sport possible through my adolescent years and stopped activity for one year (first year of university) which is when I saw the weight really pile on. Now, I am a marathon runner and personal trainer. I love running long distances and I have completed 7 full marathons and 9 half marathons in the past 4 years. I also love the gym and I am so thankful that I get to show people that they too can improve their fitness and quality of life. Working out is my vice. It helps me celebrate, it helps me cope, it helps me be me. For many fitness is something they “have to do.” For me, fitness is what I WANT to do. So in some ways, yes it is hard for me to answer the many questions I get of “Is insanity super hard?!?!?!” because for me, the fitness freak, it is just another challenge and another exciting thing to add to my regiment! and not to sound like a jerk, “Too hard” isn’t in my vocabulary anymore. Once I crossed the finish line of my first marathon (bawling my eyes out with emotion I might add) I really realized that ANYTHING was possible for my body.


A little about Insanity:

-The program lasts for 2 months

– No equipment necessary

– You can literally do this workout ANYWHERE. You don’t need a ton of space.

– Workouts are between 30 and 60 minutes dependent of where you are in the program.

– Comes with a nutrition booklet, workout booklet, schedule and the 10 DVDs (12 if you buy deluxe version)

Who I think this program is suitable for:

-Individuals who like to workout at home, with no equipment, and for shorter periods of time (workouts are no longer than an hour)

– People who are in decent health (it is better to ask your Doctor if you are not sure whether or not you can start a program like this)

– People who want to challenge their cardio in a new way (rather than the usual steady state type cardio)

Who I think this program is NOT for:

-If you have any pre-existing joint injuries or pain, I really don’t suggest you pick up Insanity. There is a lot of high impact jumping and hopping around.

-If you live in an apartment and have neighbors below you that may be upset with any loud noises for a period of time.

– Extreme beginners. If you have not been active for years and you have any hesitation about how your body/joints will respond, I suggest holding off for a while.

– If you feel this could be WAY too much for you, I suggest asking your doctor if high impact/high intensity exercise is okay for you.

What I loved about the program:

Honestly I was slightly skeptical of this program when I bought it. P90X was a big let down to me so I honestly had little hope for this program! as you read earlier, I come from a background of intense activity as it is so I didn’t know if a DVD program could challenge me. I loved that there is no equipment necessary! One thing I disliked about P90x was the amount of equipment needed (and you would end up needing more as you got stronger obviously). I also loved how encouraging the trainer is. I find Shaun T’s coaching style to be positive, uplifting and I love that he is not full of himself. I really liked the length of the workouts. In the winter I find it hard to run early in the morning since running alone in the dark makes me feel uncomfortable, so I did Insanity in the mornings instead. I really enjoyed that part of my day. I also improved every time on my Fit test days which is always nice. I found that my pushups became much stronger too. It was tough for me to preform pushups from my toes for more than 3 pushups, now I can pump out 10 if not more. That is a huge improvement in my eyes!

What I didn’t love about the program:

Like any of the Beachbody products, I find the trainers and athletes in the videos will promote the other Beachbody products like mad. I understand that is just part of the marketing scheme but it is something that makes me roll my eyes every time! I find “in your face” marketing tacky and pretty annoying! Also, I wish there was more of a focus on strength. I find the workouts very cardio based except when they pull out the odd ab workout, but then again that is why there is a wide range of Beachbody products at hand.


As I mentioned, my pushups have tremendously improved. I am very proud of the fact that I can do spider-man pushups with much more ease. I improved on all aspects of my Fit tests. I also felt that many of the circuits improved my lactic threshold. I do not have a “weight loss” number for you because I don’t really use the scale as much as I used to. I hop on from time to time but not as much as I used to. However, I am down one pant size so that is pretty exciting.

All in all, I found Insanity tough enough. I definitely would not recommend this product to someone who hasn’t been active in years and who has many preexisting conditions. I wasn’t as tough as I think the marketing makes it seem, but then again I come from a very different fitness background in a way.

My Rating: 9/10

I truly enjoyed this program. It may have been because I went into it with VERY low expectations. I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy a challenge and don’t want to buy 18 billion dumbbells, resistance bands or pull up bars.

Where to buy:

I have Insanity along with other Beachbody products on my coach site for sale. However, wordpress is telling me it is an affiliate link. So if you want to find my site you will have to google “Beachbody coach Jonesee90” until I get things figured out with WordPress. I apologize!  I am always up for doing a challenge or accountability group  if people are up for that (usually I make a private FB group that we can all communicate in) so if you are up for that just comment below or email me at and I can walk you through the steps! Or if you have any other questions please feel free to tweet, email or comment me 🙂


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