“It is too expensive to_________”

I hear it all the time.

” It is too expensive to eat healthy”

“It is too expensive to be active”

“It is too expensive to be healthy”


Unfortunately we do live in a world where money plays a big role in what we do, what we own, and so on. But those phrases I hear far too often? Those are excuses in my opinion. There is a deeper reason people don’t want to be active or eat clean healthy food. It is too much of a “hassle,” it’s too much work, you will miss all those foods you currently eat, you hate sweating and feeling uncomfortable. As Dani Johnson put on her Facebook page the other day “excuses are just well planned lies.” In the end you are lying to yourself!

There are always ways around saving a few dollars and really. You know what? you will find the money and make the time for your health if you ever come to the terrifying situation of being in an emergency room hospital bed. So why not be proactive about this? In the grand scheme of things your health is all you got. Your health can determine what activities you partake in, determines whether you can run around and make memories with your children, and could determine whether or not you have a long lifespan or not. So here are a few pointers I have for you:

1. Figure out where you are spending your money

What is scarey is a lot of people don’t know where much of their income goes to and this is why they complain of not having enough cash. So try and write down where your money has gone to in the last few months. Find places where you can cut back on. In the last few years my biggest expense that I have cut back on is eating out at restaurants. It all adds up! Yes, it may be easier to rely on a chef to cook up your meals but how can it impact your health? Do you know how much butter, oil and other fats could be added into your meal? Do you know how fresh the food is or maybe they defrosted parts of it to make preparation easier and quicker. In the end, eating and prepping your own meals is more beneficial for your health and your goals.

2.a Organic and gluten-free does not necessarily mean “healthy”

People have this perception that the “organic” and “gluten-free” labels are the best for you. Wrong. In Canada, there are some loop holes in how things are worded that could be misinterpreted. For instance, if an item reads “organic” it does NOT mean it is fully organic. It must read “100% organic” to be FULLY organic. Intriguing am I right? As for gluten-free, many of the substitute flours and ingredients they use in place of gluten are more carbohydrate dense and protein deficient. Due to processing they can also be much more nutrient deficient as well. Also, gluten free and organic does not mean “sugar free” or “low in fat.” So keep that in mind. Don’t hit up whole foods thinking “OOOOO ORGANIC GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKE…totally going to help me on my fat loss goal.” In the end, these aren’t always the healthy option but they are usually the more expensive option. So for my Celiacs, gluten sensitive or intolerant peeps, stick to what you know works for you but know that those gluten-free cupcakes and cookies aren’t guilt free as well.

If you want to start buying organic regardless, I use this rule of thumb usually. If the product has a thick peel I feel okay with buying the regular version. If I will be ingesting the peel (Eg: apples, bell peppers, etc) I will buy organic.

2. b. Support Local Farmers

This kind of goes with the “organic talk.” But I LOVE farmers markets. Some people are still skeptical of farmers markets as there have been controversy with some American farmers markets, but as long as you ask the proper questions and know what you are looking for it is generally the better option. In Victoria, I find the farmers markets are on most weekends and you can find some of the freshest products for a much better price and heck, you are helping a local farmer out! When supporting local farmers, you are less likely to encounter heavy pesticides. Once a produce product must cross a border, expect some level of pesticide use. Healthy and affordable? yes please.

3. Buy bulk!

I am a HUGE fan of the bulk section of most supermarkets. You can buy whole oats, any kind of flour, nuts, seeds, and sugars. Often times these products are much cheaper since you tend to pay for the marketing and packaging of a product more than anything!

4. Extreme couponing anyone?

Find some coupons in your weekly flyers, the news paper, online, anywhere! They can all benefit you in the end! Obviously only buy the healthier items that you know you will need to use. Don’t buy Doritos because the coupons said you should ;).

6. Make a list!

I find so many people will buy things that they think they need and it ends up going bad or being in the pantry for the next 2 years. Try and use up everything you have left in your fridge before buying more. Make a list and buy as much as you think you need. Sounds so obvious, but I know a lot of people who don’t do this. So write out a list and factor in what is on sale this week and what you absolutely need to have! Also, it is okay to go to a variety of stores! I buy my produce and other products at all separate stores! If its cheaper at another place, it is totally worth it in the end.

5. Do it yourself!

Cook from home! Bottom line! Yes it does take a little more work, a little more planning, and figuring out how to store things. But you will be healthier and happier for it. You can make your own granola, protein bars, nut butters, snacks and much more. Just learn to make things in bulk, package them in serving sizes and freeze or refrigerate them! A little planning and some work goes a long way!

6. “I can’t afford a gym membership”

Um, hello! I am a Youtuber as many of you know. (I plan on making more fitness workout videos *spoiler*) There are SO many fitness videos out there! All you need is a pair of shoes and some clothes and you are set! That is another reason why I love running so much. Really you only need runners and the world outside. So get out there! This is also another reason why I love Beachbody products. The DVD programs are less than how much a trainer would be and if you ever feel intimidated in the gym, this is a great way around it! You get to workout at home and you just have to follow the instructions the trainer on the DVD is giving you. No commute time to or from a gym. Your shower is right there. Perfect if you ask me! (If you have questions on any Beachbody items please email me! Jonesee90@gmail.com)

So don’t make “it is too expensive” your excuse. Don’t fall victim to any excuse for that matter! If you want this, if you want a healthy long life, you will find a way!


2 thoughts on ““It is too expensive to_________”

  1. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said! I think someone once said how costly it is to be overweight (health issues, volume of food consumed), and I try to remember this whenever I get a little whiney. 😉 Have a great weekend!

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