My Most Popular Fitness and Health Apps

Hey all!So I am a bit of a Mac fan girl. I have a mac book pro, iPhone, iPad and a few iPods from over the years. So I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of my favorite apps that I have on all of these devices that are fitness or health “themed” if you will.


my-fitness-pal1. My Fitness Pal

So this app is very popular in the weight loss, body building, fitness type communities online and offline. It is basically an app where you can count calories. I love that it shows me my Macro-nutrient totals per days. Personally I love it because you can make your “food diary” completely open for all to see. It gives you that added bit of accountability since you know your friends list can peak in on it. I also love that you can add friends and talk to people on there. You can encourage others when they are having their off days or when they have victories to share! My username on there is Jonesee90 . Feel free to add me as a friend!

Price: Free

com.songza.android2. Songza

This isn’t entirely fitness and health related, but I know a lot of us like to workout to music. If you have a wifi network to stream off of, this app is the greatest. When you enter the app it will be able to tell what day it is and give you a list of options of activities you may be doing at that time. For example, right now it says “It’s Wednesday afternoon. Play music for: Brand New Music, An Energy boost, Working (With lyrics), Driving, Taking the day off, Popular Genres.” You can also manually look at the various activities, moods, decades, genres, cultures, or records. For working out, they have options for weight training, cardio or cooling down. Or if you are a Yogi? you bet. They have an option for Yoga too. Each category has a large amount of playlists you can look through! Love this app so much!

Price: Free


3. MapmyRun

As some may know, I am a runner. After my final long run before my last marathon, my Garmin decided it did not want to charge anymore. I have recently invested in a Nike+ Gps watch (and really regret doing so). I will use this app when I don’t want to have another watch to wear with my Polar FT4 HR monitor. It records your distance, pace, and time. It also provides a nice map for you to look at after your run. If you are a major instagramer like myself, you can screen capture that to show your followers your #PROOF. Also, you can have the app talk to you to tell you your pace and distance.

Price: Free

mzl.seqrpvdy.175x175-754. Nike + Running

Another great running app. You do not need a nike chip on your shoe but it will connect to it if you are wearing one. What I love about this app is that you can connect it with you Facebook or other social media platforms. So when you go to use it, you can share with Facebook that you are about to go for a run. If your friends “like” that post, you will hear a crowd cheering in your ear buds (if you are plugged into your iphone). Can you say motivation? Kinda…AWESOME!

Price: Free

5. Nike Training tumblr_m3ggopKJ5v1rn2kl4

Ever have those days where you feel so indecisive. You don’t know what you want to do at the gym. You just want to go to the gym, go through the motions and get your workout on without having to think? Well hello! This is the app for you! This app is like having your own personal trainer! You can choose from a selection of goals “get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused” and within those goals are various workouts! You just plug in and the trainer will walk  you through everything!

Price: Free

2259-1-tabata-pro-tabata-timer6. Tabata Pro

I am a HUGE fan of tabatas. When I went to the Can-Fit-Pro Vancouver 2012 Conference in November I learned that Tabata was a totally different exercise than I thought. Yes it is in essence the same as I thought when it comes to the format. 8 rounds of 20 seconds working load and 10 seconds rest. However, those 20 seconds are at MAXIMAL effort (in fact…170% VO2Max…crazy right?) Also? true tabata is used on a mechanically braked cycle ergometer. So when I use this app, it is more of a wannabe-tabata-but-not-really-tabata kinda work out. I still make sure I am preforming those 20 seconds at my maximal effort, but I generally don’t have a mechanically braked cycle ergometer just lying about. So really? you can use this app for almost anything!

Price: $2.99


I am on I think the website has so many great articles on supplements, workouts, recipes and much more. The App is no different. It also has a section to show your progress, your goals, photos, messages between other bodyspace members, forums, exercises, and you can shop their store. This is a great app to have if you are wanting to preform a move you have never done before. It will show you a step by step guide on how to do it, how it should look, and how it should feel. My bodyspace is, you guessed it, Jonesee90.

Price: Free

instagram-8. Instagram

Yes! This is an app I use for health and fitness. I have become connected to so many amazing, inspirational individuals through this social media platform. Like twitter, you can search for people using hash tags. It has become part of my morning routine to surf the many Instagramers I follow when I wake up. I will be honest, it totally gets me pumped to see my IGers who have already hit the gym that morning! And guess what my username on IG is? Yup! Jonesee90

Price: Free

ios-553215588-09. Perfect Fit

This is an app that the lovely Tone It Up! Girls put out recently. If you are like me and rely on bodyshots to show your progress, this app is AWESOME. The opening screen is a calendar. When you tap what day you want, you can check off if you were active and ate healthily. You can also take body shots from the front and side. If you want to compare different body shots you took on different days side by side, you can do that!

Price: $2.99

tone-it-up-girls-110. Tone It Up

I love the Tone It Up! Girls. These two girls are so inspiring and I just love the energy they have. They are so positive and lead an amazing example. The app is good too. They have a section where they have selected today’s daily workout for you. They also have a section to look at new blog posts they have put out. And? bootycall. What? Yes I said bootycall. That is the term they coined for an early morning workout before your breakfast. They have an alarm on the app where you can set  your morning bootycall times! The alarm is the two of them asking you to wake up and get shakin’!

Price: $0.99

mzl.aysonmzx.175x175-7511. BT Free

This one is for my military followers or anyone who has to do some sort of fitness test that involves the infamous Beep Test. There is a version of this app you can pay for, but I got the free one when I was helping out a friend of mine train for his Beep test. You just plug in, make sure you have your distance marked out, and listen to the Beeps in your ear buds. I always say, train what you will be performing. You have a 5 km run, run up to a 5 km distance.If you have a beep test? maybe practice with the beep test itself! And so forth.

Price: Free

These are just a few of mine that I absolutely love. What fitness and health type apps do you love?


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