Where I’ve been…

For those who are subscribed to my Youtube channel you will know my videos have been far from consistent. I was planning on uploading a video updating whats up and then I became pretty ill.

If you follow me on twitter you probably have seen my multiple bitching…moaning… whiny tweets. I’m not the type of person to complain when I am sick unless its pretty bad and I think that started Matt a little. Even after running marathons I haven’t whined the way I have been the last while. On Friday I was experiencing from back pain. I assumed it was from a fall I took Thursday night coming down a hill repeat. Anyone surprised? I am a huge clutz. Then on Sunday I started experiencing extreme shivering and fever along with nausea. Cool. NOT. I thought it was a poor reaction to ibuprofen but I was wrong. Monday and Tuesday it just got worse. I had nausea, couldn’t stomach the idea of eating, huge fever, full body aches, vertigo, and extreme fatigue. So I forced myself to go to the doctor even though I am terrified of medical institutions. I had a number of twitter followers, friends and family reach out to me and asked me to seek help and I am very thankful you all did.

Turns out I have an infection in my kidney. How much fun. I am about to go in for blood testing today and was given antibiotics. Woke up this morning with a little less all over body pain so that is good. To say the least it must be my body telling me to slow down. I have been stressing about instructing run clinic, planning my wedding, finishing my research and graduating this semester and trying to work on my own business. Either way, I have had to take the week off and I want to thank you all for putting up with my constant whining all week :).

I will try and start vlogging again soon, but at the moment it is a bit out of the question haha! Hope you all are well! xo




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