Determining the WHY


I have been doing a lot of thinking on determining the WHY lately in many aspects of my life. Why do I choose the healthy route. Why do I want to help others with their health and fitness goals. Why am I choosing to think and speak positively. Determining your WHY can be the difference of succeeding or failing to reach your personal goals.

I constantly remind myself WHY I workout. As someone who constantly watches how society surveilles certain bodies, I notice the threat my lifestyle opposes to some people when I explain that I love being healthy and fit (just what I have noticed through certain conversations and situations I have been in). I really wish I could blame this on Drake and his coined phrase Y.O.L.O (You only live once), because honestly that seems to be the phrase I hear most when I say I have to go home and go to bed early because I have a long run planned for the morning, or why I am choosing not to have a drink that night. Apparently the fact that we only live once is an excuse to abuse what we have been blessed with. The ability to be moving, energetic, living beings! Instead its an excuse to sedate ourselves with various substances such as weed and alcohol (remember where I am geographically located..marijuana is a big thing with the youth here it seems).

So what is my WHY when it comes to fitness? I want to show myself what I am made of. I love feeling the blood pumping through my veins. I want to be able to play with my future children and show them the importance of movement and healthy eating. I don’t workout to have the body of a supermodel. I workout to feel stronger than I did yesterday and the day before that. I workout to thank God for what he has given me, the gift of mobility and good health (sorry if that sounded too preachy to some of my followers). Fitness gives me a connection with not only my body but my mind and spirit. All of these things and more are also WHY I want to help others on their journeys in health. I want to show my clients that fitness doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Every month or so I write down my WHY in my “Catch-all” Journal (essentially I have a book that holds my thoughts, ideas, notes, recipes everything…catch all). I analyze any changes in my motivations, inspirations, and thoughts. It helps me go after what I desire most. Its neat to look back at how much my inspirations and WHYs have changed. When I first started my weight loss journey in 2009 it was completely vain. I didn’t want to be the “bigger girl with a pretty face” in pictures with friends anymore. I didn’t want to have worry about shopping with friends because the stores biggest size wouldn’t fit. Part way through my journey my passion for running took over my WHY. “I want to lose the last bit of weight because I want to improve my half marathon time.” (NOTE: full marathons were not even part of my thought process..goes to show, if you are “Half” crazy.. you can go FULL crazy 😉 ). Now? The number doesn’t matter. Sure I weigh myself from time to time and I notice that my usual size jeans are slightly bigger than they were a few months ago, but that isn’t my main motivation anymore. Now? I don’t stress about the little things like having a treat here or there. I have finally found my balance. I have learned how to live healthy while still enjoying life. I love the fact that I can go and sign myself up for something like Tough Mudder (yep! Doing that in June!) and not be absolutely terrified by it. I know that my body is capable of ANYTHING. I love waking up knowing my body can carry me through a miserable run in the pouring rain and crazy winds. I love waking up knowing that I get to put a smile on someone’s face because I was able to prove them wrong and show them that their body is capable of ANYTHING.

My challenge to you? Write down your WHY and get after it.




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