Sweating for the Wedding: Week One


85fcc1c6043a884b46fd134ddd7cc689Hello everyone!

Haven’t posted a challenge/personal type blog post in some time but wanted to let you in on a challenge I am on. My Dad, my fiance and myself thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to a “biggest loser” type challenge. It is more between my Dad and my fiance but I thought I would fight along side :).

It is GO time. I bought the dress this weekend (SQUEEL!) and I want to tone up for it! It fits well now, but I have alterations in over a month. So here we go.

Days until the wedding: 95 Days

Overall Fitness/Health Goals for the Challenge:

  • Flatten the belly
  • Get back to my “happy” weight (this is basically where I feel comfortable in my own skin and fit over all..)
  • Tone up the back, shoulders and arms more

April 1st – 6th Goals:

  • Track every morsel on My Fitness Pal. Bite it, write it yo!
  • At least a gallon a day of water
  • More vegetables!
  • Dig DEEPER during my workouts, especially while I am away!
  • Think before I eat! Think about if I am really hungry or not!

So this week Matt and I are going back to Winnipeg. We will be attending some wedding related stuff and seeing friends and family. I am determined to keep active and make healthy choices while I am gone. I WILL CONFESS this weekend was bad! No tracking and had the “last feast” mentality (Bad Jenn, BAD! Cupcakes, wine and cheese galore!). So I know my cravings will be bad this week and I am bracing myself for that! Have already chopped up veggies, fruit and made granola to bring to class and to bring on the plane! Planning for success my friends.

I have taken my weight, making notes on how I am feeling (…bloated and puffy…my favorite -_-) and may take some photos look for changes in measurements if there is a week that the scale doesn’t move. Also remember my My Fitness Pal Food Diary is open for looking if you are ever interested in what I consume!

I will try my best to update you from week to week but we will see! This little challenge for myself will probably only be up until my alterations (May 2nd) since I want to maintain after those are done… I don’t have a corset type back on my dress so it would just fall off if I kept losing (oh my!). So it goes!


One thought on “Sweating for the Wedding: Week One

  1. It sounds like a great goal to have for your upcoming wedding! Not to mention a little friendly competition between your dad and Matt! Can you believe your big day is so close? I am so excited for you!

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