Sweating for the Wedding: Week Two


Well, I am a tad late but here is an update on last weeks goals!

Last weeks goals:

  • Track every morsel on My Fitness Pal. Bite it, write it yo!
  • At least a gallon a day of water
  • More vegetables!
  • Dig DEEPER during my workouts, especially while I am away!
  • Think before I eat! Think about if I am really hungry or not!

Okay so I didn’t get 100% but I don’t feel bad about it. I was away enjoying time with family and no I wasn’t 100% clean with my eating. I am okay with that. I am back on to my usual routine and feel much better! I brought Insanity and Les Mills Combat with me on my trip and worked out every day except the day we flew as it was my rest day. I made sure to bring my water bottle with me everywhere I went too.

This weeks goals:

  • Work out once a day
  • Drink 3 of my big 40 ounce water bottles daily (drink one cup of water before coffee and breakfast in the morning)
  • pre-plan meals to bring with me to campus or to cafes (depending where I am working on my research)
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Don’t over due it with the coffee!

So this week I am focusing on writing my research paper (5 pages of 25 done! haha) which is due in a few weeks. I love pulling 2 a day workouts if my schedule will allow me, but this week I am telling myself to stick to one unless I am really feeling up for it! Also, I will be bringing all my meals with me to campus or the coffee shop so I can work on my project and not eat naughty treats. The last goal will be the hardest for me. I always like having a BIG cup of coffee with me before I sit down to write…so this may be tough but I am sure I will get through it!! I am also allowing myself to wake up when my body wants me to wake up so that I get enough sleep. I rarely sleep in past 9 so it isn’t too big a deal! and of course hydration is key. Been drinking water before anything when I wake up which only makes sense. When your body has been sleeping for 6 or more hours you need to get some water in you!


Anyway, that is my short update for week two! Here is to a productive and healthy week!


One thought on “Sweating for the Wedding: Week Two

  1. awesome goals hun! funny, one of my goals for the next couple weeks is to only workout once a day… i think i have been overtraining and thats not doing me any good… still gonna kill it, but just once a day is plenty!

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