In honor of Boston…

59757_4222790622452_521653663_nTomorrow I will be wearing a race shirt to show solidarity as a runner and display a race photo.

I learned of today’s events while I was on campus working on finalizing my research assignment and was stunned. Many emotions are still running through me; confusion, anger, sadness, frustration. I am grateful that my friends running in the race today came out unharmed, only with a heavy heart. My love, prayers, and thoughts are sent out to everyone around the world that have been harmed by this.

I tried my best to stay away from social media and the news for most of the day, since I feel this is something that really gets to me. Now I can’t help but feel emotional. I just came across a Google doc with contact for people who are offering their homes in Boston to those who need a place to stay during this time. You can’t help but tear up to see people come together like this.

I really am not too sure what else to say, I am in shock still.



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