Sweating for the Wedding: Week 3/4

So good work Jenn on keeping up with this blog series… not. So here were my goals from LAST time (apr 10th).

Old goals

  • Work out once a day
  • Drink 3 of my big 40 ounce water bottles daily (drink one cup of water before coffee and breakfast in the morning)
  • pre-plan meals to bring with me to campus or to cafes (depending where I am working on my research)
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Don’t over due it with the coffee!

So I didn’t eat my BEST last week. My self control was no where to be found! We had a little celebration with the department to celerbated our graduation and that included cookies, pizza, cake, sushi and so on…holy yum…holy calories! Ill be honest! It was a tough week for me. I also drank gallons…errr…A LOT of coffee! I was on a deadline so I guess it just became habit. I made sure not to go CRAZY over the top with my workouts as I have been feeling pretty lethargic and over trained..so I stepped back.  So my goals this week I WILL stick too!

This weeks goals:

  • Hydrate!!
  • Saturday=rest day to keep my legs fresh for Sundays 10 km race!
  • Follow the Tone it UP! 7 day slim down in time for my alterations next week
  • Positive mindset

Alrighty. So I have the TC10km coming up on Sunday and I am aiming for a TOUGH PB for me. I know this is a heavily populated race so that is why I call it a “tough PB.” I am aiming for under 48 minutes (eek!). I want fresh legs so I made sure to train legs yesterday and I am planning on having an active rest day on Saturday by doing some yoga to stretch out and feel goooood! I have the Gluten Free Tone it UP! Diet plan and that includes the slim down. I always feel good doing this and will be doing it this week to feel confident at my alteration date next week in Vancouver. Next, I have been a little negative with the terrible eating I did last week. My body has been feeling fluffy and heavier which makes me feel horrible about myself. So I am working my butt off and keeping to my food plan this week! I will be positive and be on my side instead of being my own bully!

That is all for now, may blog later as I have A TON of extra time now that I am DONE school! (Just have to walk across the stage next and its FINAL!)

Ciao ❤


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