Sweating for the Wedding: week 5


So this week was better, though I woke up with low motivation last few days. Anyway, Thursday is my first appointment for alterations. Also, I kicked BUTT on the 10 km and beat my goal. Came in at 47:27 woot! 🙂 Felt awesome about that!! Crazy to think it took me over an hour only a short while ago! Now lets see how last weeks goals went:

Last weeks goals:

  • Hydrate!!
  • Saturday=rest day to keep my legs fresh for Sundays 10 km race!
  • Follow the Tone it UP! 7 day slim down in time for my alterations next week
  • Positive mindset

I kicked butt this week :). I altered the tone it up plan slightly since the last few days are pretty low cal/low water and low carb and I need the energy to continue on with my day and workouts. So other than that my goals all went according to plan.

As I said, alterations are on Thursday! I have the shoes and everything. I have officially started having weird ass wedding dreams. Last night consisted of the makeup artist not showing, so I had to do my own makeup with someone elses makeup bag AND in the dark…. Yeah. Weird. I don’t know!

This weeks goals:

  • Keep motivated!
  • differ between cravings and hunger
  • Don’t beat yourself up
  • Eat as clean as you can

So I am going to Vancouver tomorrow and will be there for some time as I am getting wedding stuff done and what not. I have packed my Shakeology (seriously cannot get enough of this stuff! email me if you want to know more about it!), my Beachbody DVDs (insanity, turbofire and les mills combat!) and some workout gear. Also my wedding shoes of course. I find it hard to stick to healthy eating at my parents place as they have many more temptations in the cabinets than I do here at my place. I am going to try my best to stick to plan, but if I treat myself..NO being mean to Jenn (hehe). I am my worst enemy sometimes. Also, I have felt little motivation to eat well and workout hard last few days, so I am going to try my best to keep motivation up! And lastly, I took a seminar recently about cravings vs hunger and mindful eating. I want to practice this this week as I find myself giving into cravings over hunger much of the time!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!




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