Month ONE Progress!

Hey everyone!

So Thursday was the start of MONTH TWO of my work with Michelle Davis! I can’t believe how fast this month went by! Now a reminder before I start my blog post, I cannot share my meal or fitness plan with you guys as this is Michelle’s work! If you want a personalized program from her you can contact her on her 10 tuesdays through the link above.

I would say the first week and a half or so was an adjustment period for me. Learning to eat every 2 hours is very different and also making sure I drink my 2 gallons of water a day. It sounds like a lot, but before working with Michelle I was drinking over a gallon a day anyway! Also, the meal prep for this program is very intense. I prefer to do 5 days of meal prep all in one day. I find doing 7 days worth leaves me with two days of manky meals! no thanks! Cooking 35 meals in one session is A LOT of work, especially when you are working with various types of proteins and you don’t want to cross contaminate. This adjustment period also was like a science experiment. Figuring out what ways I liked certain meals cooked and how I liked to season certain things was a journey in itself!

As for the meals themselves, they aren’t the most exciting which is obviously what I expected. It is about fueling the body properly to get those goals I want in order to compete. There was only one type of protein on the menu I really hated and had to gag down and that was canned tuna. Since I was a child I have HATED canned tuna, but I have learned to get over it. Still isn’t a go to for me but I got through it. Other than that the meals were good and definitely gave me the energy I needed to push through!

The fitness plan is AMAZING. As you all know, I was a long distance runner before this and lifted at the gym as well. So the weight lifting side of things was not going to be new to me, I just needed to learn the odd new exercise here and there. As for the cardio, it is very different. I have had to give up steady state running for a little while and do interval type work on various cardio machines. I have NEVER been so challenged on an elliptical in my life! I love the empowerment I feel through these workouts. I am lifting heavier than I have before and I am showing myself the strength I have not only physically but mentally.

As for physical progress that I am noticing, I am seeing much of my weight loss within my chest and tummy. My tummy has flattened out considerably and I am seeing lots of definition in my shoulders, arms and upper back. Gotta love that! All the areas I wanted to work on for the wedding dress! I also notice I am starting to fit into size 6’s which is the smallest size I have ever fit in! Since starting with Michelle I am down 9.8 lbs. However, since my dress alterations about 6 weeks ago I am down 17 lbs. So to say the least, I am getting more alterations done. I am bringing the dress to another seamstress due to the issues I have had with my current one. (You can read about those issues in my previous post.)

So here we are! My progress photos! I am excited to see what month two will bring. I am thinking of changing my rest days around so that they aren’t mid week anymore and they are on the weekend. Just because my wedding is on a Saturday and that may just be the best situation. I was planning on a morning pre-marriage workout but my hair appointment is first thing in the morning so it may not happen that way haha!

Anywho, lets get on to the photos!

Thank you all for the constant support.

Love each and every one of you!!


IMG_7831 IMG_7832


2 thoughts on “Month ONE Progress!

  1. Congratulations, Jenn! I watch TrulyJess, so I know you can’t disclose the exact plan, but in your opinion – would you attribute your success to the intensity / frequency of the workouts or to the food plan? Or both?

    Also, best wishes to you and yours on the upcoming wedding!

    • Thanks girl! It is definitely a combo of both. Eating is always key to any health success but the different kinds of cardio and weights I am doing is definitely helping with fat loss AND muscle gains simultaneously. It can be tough to do both at the same time. Many times fat loss can be achieved, but muscle can be eaten away at while it happens. So this plan helps with balancing losses and gains if that makes sense! Thanks so much!!

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