Mini Review: Tough Mudder Whistler 2013

Our course and the team:

– Whistler Olympic Park

– just under 19 km

– give or take 25 obstacles

– obstacles included: fire, electric shock, heights, mud, murky ice water, confined spaces, etc

– weather was overcast

– trail was along logging roads (gravel)

– team of 4 (myself, my fiance, my brother and our friend Emily).

What I loved about the event:

– The MC was SO encouraging and motivational. You could tell he LOVED what he was doing and really made for a great start to the day!

– The amount of encouragement from strangers. There were times that I was on my own trying to get over a wall due to poor communication with the team (this was early into the day haha), and strangers would help me over. Some people would even stick around an obstacle just to help people out!

– The team work. I grew up playing team sports and I love the team energy!

-How bad ass it makes you feel. Nuff said.

-Volunteers on course were VERY encouraging and let you know how deep some of the water obstacles were (eases the mind kinda!).

– Finishers shirts and headbands. I LOVE Under Armor and the shirts were pretty dang nice. One of the nicer ‘race’ shirts I own!

What I think they need to work on:

– Bib numbers. Sorry but once you pin these bibs on your shirt with “SAFETY” pins, the pins are no longer safe when you are crawling on your belly. They are miniature swords out to get your nips and abs!

– Registration/package pickup was unorganized. No clarity as to how we should line up. By team name or by individual last names?! That made us miss our start time!

-Bag check didn’t seem all that safe. The individual was in charge of dropping off the bag and picking it up. As long as your wrist tag matched the number on the bag you were “okayed” to go…people could easily remove valuables from your bag and put it in theres! Lucky we thought about that ahead of time and ONLY brought our room key and IDs.

– Fueling. There were a few stations giving out bananas, ONE station giving out MINI clif bars, and only water being served. I felt there should be something like Nuun or Gaterade being served as well. Our team was absolutely STARVING the entire time!!

– Hosing off station. The hoses need more pressure. Honestly, it felt like I was just smearing the mud around more, rather than rinsing it off!

Things I suggest for 1st time mudders that I learned through my first experience:

– Take the earlier start time!! I heard there were big line ups at obstacles at the later times!

– Take advantage of the free shuttle. Its FREE unlike parking (10 dollars) and you don’t get your interior all mucky!

– Avoid short shorts and cotton! I have MANY bruises and cuts and I was wearing capris. I saw many girls in itty bitty shorts and they looked like they were in pain!

– Don’t wear clothing you care too much about. I am happy I didn’t wear my lululemon capris because I ripped a hole in the pair I was wearing. Right on the booty too!

– Pace yourself and don’t go into it with NO endurance!

– Live in the moment. Don’t think “only ____ kms left” because honestly it makes it harder to be out there that much longer. We tried to just take things ONE obstacle at a time and not worry about when we would be done!

– DO NOT wear any jewelry, watches etc. I read on a blog that they wore their HR monitor and I am so happy I didn’t!

– COMMUNICATE with team members. If you plan on running and finishing together that is. If you need a slower pace, TALK. If you need help over something, TALK!

– DON’T think. JUST DO! When you hesitate it makes the obstacles SO much harder to complete!

-EMBRACE THE MUDDDDD! Channel your inner piglet!


Yes! We did it! Tough Mudder is off the list of things I want to do! Will I do it again? probably not. I did it more to cross it off the bucket list than anything. It felt almost ‘cult’ like and felt like a big frat party. People were out partying the night before and the night after. Not my cup of tea!

And last but not least, a question I’ve had a few times, was I shocked? yes. I was shocked several times on the last obstacle. But did not get shocked on the first electric obstacle. It doesn’t hurt, its just more uncomfortable than anything!

Tough Mudder done and done!


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