No gym? No problem: Improvised Vacation Exercise

Know what really GRINDS MY GEARS?! (Family Guy reference 😉 ). Hotels that label their “fitness facilities” as a gym or fitness room. Fitness implies MORE than just cardio in my mind. Anyway, as you know, Matt and I are on our month long road trip style honeymoon. Matt knows my priorities when it comes to my exercise so he made sure each place had a gym (I married a good one didn’t I :D). The first place we stayed at in Vegas, The Palms Place, was phenomenal. Though you had to pay for the gym, it was still a FULL gym. (fully equipped with towels and water bottles for each cardio machine!). As for the other hotels, we have been staying mostly at Marriott residences since they have kitchens in them. However, they need to know MY definition of a “gym” or “fitness facility.” The last location was hilarious since they had great cardio equipment and a bowflex selecttech system…minus the bar to connect the weighted plates to. So basically they just had plates (That weighed less than 10 lbs) I could play with. Fun. If the hotel ONLY has cardio equipment, call it a cardio room for goodness sakes!

Rant over.

So what did I do? As you all know, I am working to gain muscle and have a regiment I follow. I made my own weights. Yup! There is LITERALLY no excuse while on vacation folks. I packed a jump rope, my insanity DVDs and WAY too many clothes (aka weights). See gentlemen?! There is a reason as to why us ladies overpack! We really need all these shoes to lift them and get strong!
I filled up my gallon of water and stuffed it into my backpack, along with ziplock bags of coins (we had american change to use up okay?!), and anything else I could find. I tried my best to complete the exercises I had to do for that day with the worlds bulkiest “dumbbells” and made sure to challenge myself as much as I could. Call me desperate if you want, I just needed to get it done. Jenn missing her morning workout = cranky pants.

Front Camera

(in the process of getting into position for a) Pike Pushup

Front Camera

(The most uncomfortable form of) Back Extensions


Pull overs

Front Camera

Suitcase wide stance dead-lifts

Front Camera

Suitcase one-arm rows

Okay. I was desperate but I don’t regret it! 😉

Now we are in Palm Desert at my Uncles vacation home, then off to San Diego (which has a full gym! woohoo!) and then back here for a few more days before heading back to Vegas! This trip is going by WAY too fast! Anyway, off to meal prep it upppp!! ❤


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