Happy to be home!


I am officially back from the honeymoon. Matt and I have been slowly moving into our new home and GOSH we love it! Beautiful views, AMAZING location and don’t even get me STARTED on the gorgeous kitchen! I am so happy here! And on a total bonus note, the lighting is pretty darn good for filming Youtube videos! Maybe some cooking videos will be coming up in the future? hmm?

Anywho, the last bit of the trip was hard. As lucky as we are to be able to travel for a full month, I get homesick pretty quickly. Matt and I are both homebodies and we missed our beautiful Vancouver Island. I will admit that I went WAY off the health wagon. Went past the point of treating myself into ‘eating-whatever-the-eff-I-want’ territory. But tonight I made us a YUMMY sweet potato, steak and veggie dinner and wrote down my goals for the next little while. I am in the process of making a few changes with plans and I will let you all know whats up when I get there. But tomorrow I hit the gym HARD.

That is my mini update! Just wanted to give a heads up as to where I am now! Ciao!



2 thoughts on “Happy to be home!

  1. Welcome back. I too have fallen off the eating wagon in the past week or two, mainly because the wife has been on vacation and I got lazy with what I was doing. Looks like I’ve gained 3-4 lbs of course. Time to get back to business!

  2. Your new pad is sounding wonderful! Glad you guys had such a marvellous honeymoon. Gee, I remember watching your vlogs when you broke up from your previous fella. It’s so good that you’ve found such a lovely guy now and you two seem so well matched. I am really pleased for you!
    I’ve fallen off the weight loss/fitness wagon but am also in the process of drawing up some new plans and trying to motivate myself to lose the final chunk of weight by the time I hit 40 next year and also possibly going to have a holiday then (first one in 25 years!), so if I want to look ‘okay’ in holiday clothes and a swimsuit, I really need to hit my goal!
    Will be looking forward to seeing a tour/photos of your new love nest ;). xxx

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