The Importance of Passion


Monday morning I laced up my Mizuno Waveriders, zipped up my 2010 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon windbreaker and hit the pavement for my first “carefree” run in a very long time. This was the first workout since the start of 2013 that I felt genuinely happy throughout the entire workout! Sounds silly, but I didn’t really realize how much I missed running without a plan or route in mind. Just hitting the road and taking turns where ever my feet wanted to go. I also was extremely happy to run outside rather than on a treadmill! Or should I say, dreadmill UGH!

If you have followed my journey on Youtube since 2009, you will know that running has been a huge part of my identity since starting my 50 lb weight loss. Running truly has shown me so much of the world and myself. It started as a weight loss effort and soon bloomed into something much more beautiful. Running is a constant in my life and helps me deal with a lot of emotions and situations. I run when I am angry, sad, frustrated, stressed, and happy. I feel it? I run it!

It was hard to read the words written on my month one plan from the coach I was working with. They read that I would have to stop running distance…uh, what? I realized I would have to take it down a notch, but stop? Oi. The only type of running I was doing during that time was during intervals on a treadmill that were no more than a mile. It wasn’t until the 4th month that I was allowed to run 4 miles. It was then that I was really realizing that I was sacrificing a part of ME and apart of what I LOVE to do! My passion.

I am not saying that every run I have ever run was perfect, happy and easy for me to get out there and go. Definitely not! But you know that feeling you get when you think of something or see something you love? That “AH I want to do that right now!” feeling? That never went away for me. This may sound silly to my readers that do not run, but I sometimes will see a street or a trail and think “that would be perfect on a beautiful fall day!” or “I should hill train here!” Or I would see a runner and be slightly jealous of them. I know deep down that running will be apart of me for the rest of my life.

I am glad it took this for me to realize how much running is apart of my life. I am very lucky that this is the reason I stopped, rather than a serious injury. I still love weight lifting. I am a trainer and I encourage my clients to lift heavy! But I also encourage my clients to find passion in what they do. Sure you can drag yourself day in and day out to do a form of exercise you really don’t enjoy and see results. But is it worth the boredom and frustration? Not at all. Healthy living does not only mean eating well and working out. To me, healthy living includes quality of life.

So what next?

I have been pondering what my next goal race and distance will be. Originally I thought of running a half in spring to slowly bring myself around to training again. That would mean starting training Mid to late January. However, I am debating on running a full in the spring. Still not 100% sure, but I do miss that distance a lot. Yes. I am crazy. We should know this by now.. I will let you all know when I figure out what I want to do!

One of my big goals that has been in my head for a while now is to BQ by 30 (Boston Qualify). For my age group, that would mean a 3:35:00 finish. Holy mackerel. My best finishing time has been a 3:58:59. Since running my first marathon I have taken off over 30 minutes within the 2 years. I am pretty proud of that. So yes, this will be a very hard goal but I don’t think it is impossible.

I plan on sitting down in the upcoming weeks to really sit down and construct a plan. I want to see how my body will respond to a slightly different progression plan with my milage, speed, and hill work. But first I will have to pick a distance and race ;).

So the moral of the story? If you love something, do it! Passion, in my opinion, is part of the equation to creating success. Like I said, it doesn’t mean if you are passionate about something that it will come easy to you. It will just make it more enjoyable. I am so very excited to be documenting my running AND cross training again with you all on and off Youtube/the blog!


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