Product Review on nutTea: a Naturally Caffeinated Organic Energy Bar

Recently I was contacted by my lovely friend Teresa from The Golden Zebra about a product her friend Mayank Chauhan currently created called nutTea. nutTea is an all natural energy bar that Mayank created using all natural products, no soy, no syrups or added sugars, that give a caffeine punch using tea!

nutTea exported-09

As many of you know I am an endurance athlete who also loves to lift weights, do yoga, Turbo and much much more. If you have followed my marathon journey on Youtube, you will be very aware of the perils I had with finding the perfect fueling source. I tried my best to work with natural products but more often than not it created issues with my digestive system or I would have an energy crash early into the run. So I jumped at the idea of trying out an all natural energy bar. I especially love supporting local!

A little bit about the product:

Gluten Free
Soy Free
100% Natural
100% Organic
No added sugar
No preservatives
3-4 whole food ingredients per bar

2 Flavors (as of now)
Dark Chocolate (70-85 mg caffeine)
Green Tea (25-35 mg caffeine)

Best used
Consume 15-30 minutes before exercise
No coffee/tea or other caffeine sources before consuming
No meals 2-3 hours before consuming
Retailing for $4.59

My Review:


Nutritional Facts-Chocolate Yerba Mate


Before we get into anything can we just take a moment to look at the ingredients lists on these?? How natural and pure is that?! Amazing!

Before Activity: I used this bar prior to a 7 mile LSD run (long slow distance). I had not slept well for the past 2 days, was very tired and very little appetite when I woke up. I drank about a litre of water that morning and only had the nutTea Dark Chocolate bar before hitting the road.

Taste/Texture: The texture is chewy with a subtle crunch (from the nuts). It tastes chocolately, but not too bitter as some dark chocolates can be. There was no bad after taste afterwards. Also, I ate this right out of the refrigerator (that is how I like my bars generally) so at room temperature the texture would be more chewy than what I was experiencing.

During the run: My energy was constant and I felt no crash. I was not feeling super hungry during my run, which is pretty normal for me for an hour run. But the best part is that I had NO tummy or digestion issues. This is HUGE seeing as my tummy can have many issues when it comes to all natural type products.

Overall: I definitely felt my energy pick up. Like I mentioned, I had no caffeine, no meals and very little sleep prior to trying out the nutTea bar. I could tell the bar helped me with my mental alertness as well as my physical energy levels.


Nutritional Facts-Matcha Green TeaIMG_0002

Before Activity: I used this on a speed run where I preformed multiple intervals and ran a few hill repeats. These types of runs generally require much more energy physically and a lot more mental focus. I had 500mL of water and my bar first thing in the morning. I felt rested, had a full 9 hours of sleep and was ready to go! Before the run I was pretty hungry, but I found the bar was pretty satisfying.

Taste/Texture: Very much like the dark chocolate bar, it has a chewy with slight crunchy texture to it. This flavor may be an acquired taste to some, but personally I loved it. I say that because know not everyone is a green tea flavored kind of person, but I am the type of girl that loves green tea flavored anything. It is definitely a more earthy kind of matcha green tea taste.

During the run: Again, constant energy and mental alertness, and no energy crashing during or after the run. Absolutely no tummy troubles! Generally post run I can be a bit spacey, and I found my energy was still pretty steady and constant. Since I was hungry prior to eating the bar, I did have more of an appetite once I got home.

Overall: Also really liked this bar. It tastes great and it preformed really well for me.

My Suggestions:

I really loved pretty much EVERYTHING about this product. The taste, the texture, the performance and the quality of ingredients. I think it would be very beneficial for nutTea to expand into the runner/triathlete/cyclist market by making the bars in a form that could be easily accessed in the endurance athletes fuel belt. Such as “energy bites” or something of that sort. If you glanced at the ingredients list, you will notice that dates are used which are a great energy source for this sort of thing!

Plans for the future of nuttea?

Ultimately, nutTea has an amazing mission that is looking out for the better good of the consumers and the environment by using premium quality ingredients. In the future, nutTea plans to be making product lines that include drinks, powders, and gels.

nutTea has just launched their Kickstarter to help build up the business! Check out what awesome rewards nutTea has lined up for those who pledge!

Where can you learn more?

Please check out nutTea’s various social media platforms!



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