My 2014 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! How did you ring in the new year ?

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you know that Matt and I got into Winnipeg on Saturday to spend time with the family. I guess you could say, it is a TAD colder here than Victoria. You probably have heard me whining about it everywhere online so I figured my blog needed a touch of whinyness too!


We spent the day with my lovely sister in-law Gillian. We picked her up, did a little shopping at Polo Park mall and then she took us to Stella’s for lunch. Boy! Was it GOOD. Seriously, this was the perfect thing after some shopping and freezing my toes off from the walk to the restaurant from the car! Black bean soup and Havarti, pesto, tomato and ham sandwich on sourdough. DROOL!

We dropped Gill off at home and picked up some goodies for our night together. I must say, though it is so chilly here, it is SO beautiful. Sunshine and snow are just such a pretty sight. Just a bit uncomfortable temperature wise! Say hello to the Golden Boy! (This always reminds me of my Grandma and great aunts. She was from St. Boniface. They would have loved Matt and his family so much!)

Matt and I spent our first New Years Eve as a married couple at home. It was PERFECT. Wine, our favorite chinese food from Winnipeg, movies and then amazing conversation with Laura (my sister in-law), Erin (Cousin in-law) and Karen (Mother in-law). I love low key New Years like this one.


Matt and I have thought about our New Years goals together. I love that we are able to sit down with a journal and write things out. I love that he is so goal driven. Not only does he think goals, but he thinks the steps he needs to take to achieve those goals. I am very proud of everything he has already accomplished.

It is interesting to look back at the years of goals I have created and see the changes in not only the actual goals themselves, but in my mind frame. If you have followed my Youtube and varous failed blogs before this one you will have seen that. 2013, though it had some truly amazing events, it also had some really tough events. My great aunt Georgette and my grandpa Jack passed on. I went through a bit of a dark time unexpectedly. I am not sure as to what was happening but I woke up with a cloud over my head for months and had little motivation to do anything. I also worked with a coach and the amount of restriction triggered me back to my binging. That was really hard. I will be seeing someone to work on this. It really got out of hand and I began to really dislike myself and my body. The last few months I have been practicing as much self love as I can and I want to continue this into 2014.

So I wanted to share a few goals I have set for the New Year, and I will warn you that they are somewhat vague in some cases.

1. Run BMO Vancouver full marathon

This is my next goal race. As much as I want to put a goal time on it, I probably won’t. This is my first race back after taking a year of anything more than a 10 km and I’m a bit heavier than I was when I ran my last one. Hmm..wonder if I will get a proposal at the end of this one? 😉 odds are probably low ha ha ha!

2. Commit to my blog

I really enjoy blogging. I found I got too caught up in what people would think with my style of writing and pick at various grammar mistakes I may have missed in my editing. But you know what? TOO BAD. I am doing this because it makes me happy. I hope to do this more often. I love reading blogs, and I enjoy making my own content too. So here is to a year of blogging!

3. Stop caring about what people think

Like I said, I get caught up thinking about “ooo what if they think this is silly” or “what if this isn’t good enough.” Rather, I should be thinking “this makes me happy and that is all that matters.” I want to do more of what I love this year and avoid holding back. I am very passionate about social media, fitness and nutrition. This will be a year where nothing is holding me back.

4. Be a better coach and trainer

I LOVE what I do as a Beachbody coach. I help people regardless of if they are using any of the programs I sell. I became a trainer so that I could do what I could to better others lives. I am a big believer that nutrition and fitness can and will heal all. Through coaching online, I can convey that message to people who are not local to me. I love that. This year, I will embrace my love for these things and support more people. I will be the best coach and best trainer I can be. Not only for me, but for all of you reading and watching me online! Remember I am always an email away. I LOVE connecting with you guys!

5. Revamp my business site and produce ebooks

I believe I have a lot of knowledge to share. I love the idea of putting together ebooks on the various points of expertise I have. I also want to produce a professional looking page for my coaching and training business.

6. Find a facility and instruct TurboKick

I never thought I would EVER instruct something like TK but honestly, it has brought something out of me. So silly, but it actually makes me feel SO good about myself and my body. Woah. Okay. I will say it. It can make me feel sexy! ha ha! I feel empowered and love that I can move and groove the body I was blessed with.

7. Be a better person

Hey, look. I told you some were vague! The last few months I have seen the impact strangers or friends can have on peoples lives. A simple “Good morning!” with a smile can make someones day. Complimenting strangers, can make their day and yours. I find we can live in a society that gets scared to tell others they are beautiful in fear of what they will think. But you know what? who cares? people need to know they are beautiful. That they are appreciates. That they are loved. You feel something? SAY IT. Nothing worse than having someone you love feel unwanted or unloved because the words or actions are not seen. This year, I want to show kindness. I want to refrain from horrible judgements of people. I want to pay attention to my business (literally and figuratively) and not worry about other stuff. This year, I will be the person I want to be and not hold back.

8. Love my body

Wooohoo! keep on the vague train Jenn! This one is so much easier said than done. But I will say, that the end of 2013 has brought me a lot of freedom. Reading Evelyn Tribole’s book Intuitive Eating has brought a shift with me. Leaving this want for “weight loss” and leaning towards “health” and “self love.” Celebrating my body for what I was blessed with, and what I have already worked so hard for. Loving every curve, every freckle, everything about it. I have my good days, but believe me I still have really bad days. This year I want to do my best to get away from monitoring myself and avoid thinking about how my body looks (I used to worry about how I sat, how I stood, my posture, what I wore, ALL THE TIME in fear that I would look bigger than I was).

So those are just a few of my goals for 2014. This year will be a year of not holding anything back. Doing what I love most. Telling people what I love most about them. Loving myself. Loving my business.

Cheers everyone. Here is to 2014!


2 thoughts on “My 2014 Goals

  1. I love all of your goals! I can absolutely see you as a TurboKick instructor! I remember when you worked as a running group leader (is that the right title? Apologies if not!), and I wished that I could a) run at that pace and b) be in a training group led by you. I have no doubt that you’ll be successful this year; your strength and determination will make it happen! Not to mention, you have the support from those close to you and your blog readers / vlog viewers!! Happy New Year 🙂

    • Aww! Thank you so much Jessica! yes I was a pace group leader and then an instructor last spring. You are too sweet! Thank you so much. You truly made my day :). Thanks for all the support and YOU have a very happy new year!! 😀

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