RTT#1: Winnipeg Edition

Random Things Thursday. Because I am feeling like blurting out random things ;).

1. It is real cold. According to a local radio stations Facebook:



Yeah. Take that all in.

2. I really miss running. Especially outside. Below 47 windchill makes it a bit impossible when looking at the type of running gear I have and brought. Apparently temperatures are suppose to drop tomorrow to -9 ish. MAYBE Ill try and venture out.

3. Matt, myself, Laura and my Father in law went to see “Saving Mr. Banks” yesterday. Not my kind of movie. I found it pretty boring to be honest, but they really enjoyed it.

4. I am almost out of the Shakeology I brought with me to Winnipeg :(. We go back Sunday so it isn’t the end of the world and that pretty green Shakeology box will be sitting on our door step hopefully. Woohoo! come to Mama vegan tropical shakeology!

5. I am going to a TRX class with my cousin in-law, and possibly sister in-laws if any of them are free, Friday. I don’t think I have ever been to a class! I have used TRX before though. Should be good…and by good I mean painful…WOOHOO!

6. I have a coloured/patterned workout pant problem. I have royal blue, sky blue, green, lilac, hot pink, red with stripes, white with grey stripes, black, black, black, grey, black with neon yellow….I NEED MORE. I am wearing the sky blue ones as I type! Gap had some forest green ones that I have swooned over but they didn’t have my size at the location we were at. Sad. Fun fact! my dress I graduated highschool in was emerald green. Ooo two random things for one point!

7.  Since the whole Lululemon fiasco, I lost so much respect for the company. I supported them for years. A Vancouver company and cute workout clothes? what wasn’t to love. I wore only their stuff when I was a volleyball player. They went from being my favorite company to being very low on the charts. At my largest I wore their clothing without any clothing piling or looking clear. The quality was a heck of a lot better back then. Now I am 4 sizes smaller, the quality has gone down. I can’t decide to do leg day at the gym if I am wearing those pants in fear that everyone will see my goodies when I start squatting. So no, I don’t think it is my body that creates these issues with the pants Chip Wilson.

8. I get extremely irritable with a silly pet peeve. I’m talking to the point that I need to workout or run. I cannot stand certain sounds. MAINLY to do with how people eat. Slappy, slurping, crunching, you name it. Especially if it is in a quiet room…or in a movie theatre.

Hey! what made you think eating carrots in the doctors office was a great idea lady? AHHHH HULK JENN SMAAASHH!!

9. I really wish I had brought P90X3 with me. I cannot wait to start it up! I love they introduced pilates into it this time around!

10. Apart of me really loves being in Winnipeg because I feel like my Grandma and my two great aunts spirits are there with me. They grew up in the community next to where Matt’s family grew up so I really love seeing it. I miss them all so much so it really is special to have a place where I feel closer to them even if they have passed on a while back.


Those are my random things and thoughts of this Thursday! Ciao.


2 thoughts on “RTT#1: Winnipeg Edition

  1. I used to love lulu lemon too, I have quite a few things from when the quality was a lot better and made in canada, I don’t plan on buying anything new from them because the quality has gone so down hill. I find so many cheap and cute workout clothes from places like old navy, and pricier but amazing pieces at Lole (Vancouver company and made in canada!!! Have you tried any of their items??).

    • Ooo! No I haven’t! I should take a look! Old navy really has stepped up their “cuteness” factor I found with their workout stuff! and usually I can find something at target too. Sure Lululemon’s stuff is cute, but really..so not worth it and I can’t get on with a company that could say such things. Call me stubborn or bitter, but I can’t support something like that. I will have to check out Lole!

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