Fitness Friday at the gym! 30 minute treadmill workout and some legs and back!

Say hello to my blogging buddy. This is Luna. She likes to walk all over my keyboard and headbutt my screen while I am trying to draft my blogs. I may miss her when we go back home!


Can’t believe how fast our time in Winnipeg is going by! Yesterday I had a lovely day with my mother in law. We originally had plans to go to Morden’s Chocolate Factory but we arrived and it was closed. Oh well!



We stopped in at a wonderful little boutique store that my mother in law loves called Poppie on Corydon Ave. She bought me an early birthday gift. This beautiful rose gold detailed ring! It will go lovely with my Fossil rose gold wrist watch.






Next stop? Starbucks of course. We had a coffee and chatted for a long time in the shop. I am very grateful for her and my whole “second family.” Not only was I blessed with a very thoughtful amazing man, but his family is just as amazing.



I journal quite a bit. Lately I have been making a point of writing down 3 things I grateful for. Today?


  • Amazing in laws who are not only family, but good friends. I love them and they show me they love me too. I am so blessed.

  • The opportunity to do what I love. Help people through my coaching, training, blogging, vlogging etc. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love most. I love my job and hobbies!

  • An amazing supportive, loving husband like Matthew.



DAWWWW. Cheesy ? Too bad. I think it is important to acknowledge gratitude, even in times of anger, pain, sadness and stress. So I make sure to journal that every so often.



Later in the evening, Stephanie (my sister in law) and I hit the YMCA for an evening workout. Forgot how busy the gyms get at this time of year! I started with 30 minutes on the treadmill and did a little bit of strength. Nothing TOO crazy with weights. Just enough to get a good burn. Made sure to keep my rests a decent length..not too long! I didn’t plan the workout ahead of time so from what I can remember, this is similar to what I did:



0:00- 5:00 running steady on 4% incline


5:00-6:00 speed walking on 10% incline


6:00-6:30 SPRINT on 10% incline


6:30-7:30 walking recovery on 10% incline


7:30-8:00 SPRINT on 10% incline


8:00-9:00 walking recovery on 10% incline


9:00-9:30 SPRINT on 10% incline


9:30- 10:30 walking recovery on 10% incline


10:30-15:00 steady quick paced run on 2% incline


15:00-15:30 walking recovery on 6% incline


15:30-16:00 SPRINT on 6% incline


16:00-17:00 walking recovery on 6% incline


17:00-17:30 SPRINT on 6% incline


17:30-18:30 walking recovery on 6% incline


18:30-19:00 SPRINT on 6% incline


19:00-20:00 walking recovery on 6% incline


20:00-21:30 walking lunges on 6% incline


21:30-25:00 light jog on 2% incline


25:00-26:30 walking lunges on 10% incline


26:30- 30:00 recovery jog on 2% incline



Cool down with 2-5 minutes of walking

If you plan on using this treadmill workout, note I did not add the speed because I want you to pay attention to what your body needs right now!



3 sets of 10 heavy leg extensions SSW (superset with) 10 single leg extensions on each leg SSW 10 HIGH frog jumps


3 sets of 10 seated heavy rows


3 sets of 10 heavy lat pull downs


3 sets of 10 heavy weighted squats






If you are following my other social media platforms (and you should be ;)), you know I am finishing the final days of T25. I will admit, the last two weeks have not been to point but that is life. I am learning not to stress about it. I am still moving and getting workouts in. However, I have REALLY loved the program a lot! It is amazing the kind of workouts you can get in the span of 25 minutes. Really..there isn’t an excuse! And guess what? There is a special on T25 Challenge packs! Shoot me an email if you want to know more! I will be YOUR free coach! (my email is in the contact tab!)




QOTD: Do you keep a journal or diary? Why do you journal?


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