Social Media Friends

Yesterday I had the chance to meet Christi! We have conversed over Instagram, Youtube, and other social media outlets for sometime but never met face to face…until now! She took me to Cora’s, which I am familiar with. I haven’t been in years however! They are a breakfast joint with amazing fruit cutting skills. Yes. Look at these masterpieces:





I had such a great time with Christi and it honestly made my day! Right off the bat we had great conversations and we just clicked! So happy we could connect. Best line from the morning :



Jenn: We will have to take a selfie together


Christi: **putting on lipstick** why do you think Im putting on lipstick?



Haha! Too fun! We will definitely see each other since we are in Winnipeg at least once a year and she comes out to the coast for work every so often as well.



After relaxing for a bit, Matt and I and my in laws went to 4 o’clock mass. Then went to a family friends home for tea. I also had a chance to hit the gym with my sister in law Steph again! We were going to go to a step class at the U of M but plans changed, which worked out well in the end. We didn’t do anything too crazy. 30 minutes on the treadmill walking at a 10% or more incline at a good clip. Oh and chatting a million words a second… that is kinda like working out right? Then hit the studio for some upper body weights.


Then my brother in law, Alex, and his girlfriend Carly came over to catch up. We looked through old family pictures. Played some family trivia (eg. Which member of the family  (insert funny adorable thing that happened here)) So fun. Oh and look at this stud. Matt was a cutie as a baby wasn’t he? dawww!



Today we leave for Victoria and as much as I will miss the family, I am so happy to get back into routine. My birthday is coming up too which you know what that means? MARATHON TRAINING. What? Did you think I was gonna say party? 😉 So excite.



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