Homeward Bound!

Homeward bound!! Does anyone remember that movie?


*heart melts*

My father in law dropped us off at the air force base in Winnipeg for our flights home. Flora came for the drive. Ain’t she the cutest? she whined and whimpered the entire time. I am going to miss the family and all the family pets. At least we are coming back in the summer!

IMG_2640We had a chance to fly on the military air bus which was a cool experience! The flight attendants are wearing their green air force jump suits and MAN it was a comfortable flight. I am talking big comfy seats and actually good food! Not to mention they played “Tail Spin” as the inflight movie one way! WINNER!

IMG_2645We flew to Edmonton, and then to Comox. Then we hopped on a big comfy military/government bus back to Victoria. They played “Despicable Me 2,” which I was stoked for. I saw the first one and really enjoyed it. It was smooth getting home…then I forgot something on the bus and didn’t realize until we were home. My big ipod was in that little bag. UGH! totally hate when I do stuff like that. Hopefully Matt can get a hold of the people in charge of that bus and we can find it!

IMG_2649The entire flight, though, was great. Matt and I really had a chance to talk about our goals for the next few months. When Matt is deployed, I made it a goal to train for the BMO Vancouver full marathon and finish P90X3. He has some fitness and health goals he wants to achieve while away too. I love being able to talk about this stuff with him. It definitely has gotten me pumped to start my P90X3 and marathon training. This year will be amazing and truly can’t wait.

Matt and I have a freindly competition that will be starting January 15th to improve our fitness and health. I am too weirded out about measuring success with numbers (eg. the scale). Which isn’t a bad thing. Really the scale is invalid. But Matt prefers to use the scale as a unit of measurement. I told him he is fine to do so, but I honestly think it could really break me down again. I am okay with measurements, so that will be something we will use to measure progress but we felt like doing something more. So what? Fitness test. I will put together a few small tests for us to do on January 15th and then the day after he is back from deployment.

He has a large challenge ahead from him seeing as he doesn’t have complete control over his food. To be honest, I am disappointed with what the military feeds our women and men (they use the Canadian Food Guide as a guide. Yuck.) but that is another story for another blog post. Since technically by the Canadian Food Guide standards, grilled cheese and tomato soup are considered a good healthy meal *eye roll*…I will be sending him with a bag of Shakeology. It isn’t called the Healthiest Meal of the Day for nothing, folks! That way I know he will be getting some nutrients in his system.

This Monday? yes I feel MOTIVATED to take this on. Marathon training starts on Sunday! (my 24th birthday! woohoo!) and P90X3 starts today…once I post this blog and finish a few emails. Let us do this thing folks!


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