P90X3 Day ONE

P90X3 under way people!! Was so excited to start this journey. I will say I accidentally did the wrong workout. You are probably thinking, “uhhh how?” With P90X, there are 4 different ways to do the program to reach various goals. I did Total Synergistics instead of Accelerator which is okay. I mean you can’t regret a workout, am I right?




The first thing I do each morning is make a to-do list. Today? It was a mile long. After a trip this is always the case. I prioritize the points on the list based on what I want to do before and after my workout. Mainly because I am most mentally focused when I first wake up and I like to get things like my blog, my work and any banking errands dealt with before I sweat it up.




Later, Matt picked me up after work and we took off to Langford to load up on Groceries. We have VERY little in the house and needed a full stock up of lean proteins and produce. Oh mama!




Then it was girls night time. I am lucky enough to have a very good friend of mine as a neighbour. She lives 2 floors down, so you know what that means right? SWEATS AND NO MAKEUP. Heck ya! Gabe is also a blogger and you should check her out! Her Instagram is pretty suave too! We played with her ADORABLE kitten Penelope, watched the Bachelor and talked and talked and talked. I swear, we always lose track of time together. Oh and isn’t this like THE best girls night ever? literally don’t have to put shoes or makeup on…Juan Pablo..and kittens. HA. The best. Oh and Gabe and I are basically the same person. Fun fact.



I always vlog it up each Monday and upload Tuesday morning if my internet connection will cooperate. You can see a bit more of what I did (which isn’t much more) in the actual vlog if you wish!






QOTD: Do you like at home workout programs? Why or why not?



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