Workout Wednesday ft. Ryan Gosling

As I said, I sorta… kinda… did the wrong P90X3 workout on Monday. Whoopsies! So because I had the time, I did two disks yesterday. The one I was suppose to have done, and the one that was scheduled for Tuesday.


Yes, Ryan. I would love to. What a gesture!  😉

I am truly enjoying my workouts this week. I find the moves so interesting, new and fun that it keeps me guessing. So far? a big thumbs up for P90X3.

IMG_2771Also a thumbs up? Tony Horton’s motivation and humor. If you remember in 2011, I completed P90X and couldn’t handle him. I am sure he is a great guy, but I found the constant breathing in the mic (weird pet peeve of mine, I know..) and horrible jokes would tick me off. But yesterday? I will say he had me laughing during the workout. Seriously.

I topped my workout off with a SUPER yummy Vegan tropical shakeology, blended with mango, dark cherries and almond milk. In the spirit of Despicable me…


For once, I am out of Shakeology. I usually have a spare bag around but I wanted to give my extra bag to my mother in law since she loves it so much. She said she noticed the benefits of it right off the bat and I wanted to give her a bag of the other vegan flavor, tropical, since she tried the chocolate last time. At least I have a few samples laying around until my bag comes. I am addicted, guys. I need that green Shakeology box to appear at my doorstep sometime this week. *shaking* feeed…me….SHAKEOLOGY *collapses*

In the spirit of Workout Wednesday (yes, I make up these themed days as they come.. I like random. Deal with it ;)), I put together a little circuit for those of you that are at home and want to workout but do not have equipment or a DVD to pop in. Modify if you cannot do high impact (eg: instead of jump squats, just squat) or if you just feel you need to modify. It is always better to modify if you have to! Google if you need help on proper form!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Make today YOURS. Know that, though everyday may not be good. There is good in every day. Love!


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