Spanish Rice..err..Quinoa!

I woke up excited to try out X3 Yoga for my morning move-n-goove. When I had previously done P90X in 2011, Yoga X was NOT my favourite. In fact, I almost always skipped it. I couldn’t deal with 90 minutes of listening to Tony Horton inhaling and exhaling into the mic and half the poses I felt I wasn’t capable of. Well, I gotta say! P90X3 has won me over pretty well! I LOVED every second of it! No skipping this one for me!


IMG_2788I was also pretty happy that I put together some infused fruit water in the fridge the night before. So I had something yummy to enjoy. I added a little stevia and BAM, a nice sweet beverage.




I then had to do something very sad. Very very sad. * quivering lip * I had …. to take down the Christmas tree and decorations * sob sob *. Okay, I’m being over-dramatic… but I get a bit sad when Christmas is over and with my birthday coming up this weekend, I figured I should take it down before then.



As I was taking down some items to the storage locker, I ran into the caretaker of the building. Our building is very social. Everyone talks to you when you are in the elevator or walking in the hallway and they have theme nights. Matt attends ping pong club where he learned about tonights Mexican night. I confirmed with the caretaker that we would be there and asked if we could bring anything. He said rice would be great. PROBLEM. I never have rice in my house and was not wanting to tempt myself with Bulk Barn (I knew I would buy something naughty). So I decided on a quinoa dish. The recipe is so crazy easy, I almost didn’t post but I figured, why not! This is what I whipped up:




What you need:



  • 2 cups uncooked quinoa

  • 4 cups chicken broth

  • 1 cup of your favourite salsa

  • 2 tbsp melted coconut oil

  • your favourite mexican seasoning (I used a chili lime seasoning by William Sonoma)

  • dash of salt



– Cook the quinoa in chicken broth.


– Pour quinoa into a bowl with coconut oil, salsa, seasoning, salt and mix well


– et voila!


Then, I decided to get in my second workout. I have decided to double up one day of the week so that Sundays are strictly LSD (long slow distance) run day. So CVX was the workout of the day. Another goodie! I have yet to see anything I don’t like about P90X3 it seems! I seriously feel HIGH off of these workouts. SO GOOD. Also love that I can take my laptop downstairs to our gym in the apartment rather than buying a ton of equipment!

And then I checked the mail and saw THIS baby came in! Woohoo! The next round of TurboKick! (Round 58). Can’t wait to get a facility to instruct this at!




As for Mexican night? Oh yum! It was a hit! We have some mighty good cooks in this building! The caretaker even made margaritas! What a treat! I stop drinking as of Monday, since I have a dry season during marathon training. So I indulged!


Adiós mis amigos! aye aye ayeeee!



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