Fitness Friday: my next race in 2014!

Started my morning with some TurboKick because…..why not.  I was a sweaty mess! I cannot get over how much I love the music of these workouts!

Refueled with Shakeology(my last serving *sob* delivery man better appear with a green Shakeology box soon!!) and then popped in my Isometrix P90X3 DVD. This was a tough one! I am sure this one will be one of the ones I’ll have to force myself to do every once in a while. It is filled with balancing yoga poses. Oi!


Today was a more relaxed day. Got some work done and took pictures of furniture we are selling that we know we won’t be taking with us when we move to our condo in a couple months.

Yesterday Matt was trying to keep an EPIC Birthday surprise from me. I am usually very good at reading him and I could tell it wasn’t something material and it was rather something that would be tough to hide. I think he realized with my marathon training and P90X3 journey here, it is a bit harder to plan surprises. So he told me what was up…

In the name of Fitness Friday, I want to announce the next race I will be participating in before BMO Vancouver full marathon in May. I will tell you my husband knows me WELL. I am so very grateful for him. Matt is to be deployed soon as I’ve mentioned briefly. I have no clue on where he will be or when I will be in contact with him. It is pretty nerve racking for me but I am finding things to keep me busy.

Soooo! I am flying to SAN DIEGO first to explore. Flippin’ LOVE San Diego. Then after that? San Francisco. Why you ask? Well.. for this:


I have ALWAYS wanted to run a race in San Francisco. I absolutely love the city! This year they seem to be revamping the course, so we are waiting until they announce the changes on Monday until we book accommodations. I have heard that this race in the Rock’n’ Roll series had barely any bands on course in the past, so maybe they are fixing that with the revamping of the course. Either way it isn’t too big a deal. For me it is more about the course, the views and the race than the music which sounds silly since it is a series based on music. I don’t think I will be racing to PB because:

– hills
-some roads can be very narrow throughout the city, therefore slowing you down
-I’ll be taking tons of photos as will most people I am sure
-more hills

I will be having to change around my training plan slightly to accommodate this race into the schedule, but I will be okay. Ill probably do my 32 km run 2 days before leaving for San Diego, and possibly fit in a 29 km run while I’m in San Diego.. but we will see! I could also slot that 29 km in for when I get back. I usually leave room in my schedule for possible slippage like this, just in case!

QOTD: For my running friends, what is a race or a city that you really want to run a race in?


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