P90X3 week one DONE

WEEK ONE of P90X3 in the books. Yesterday was Agility X and boy I loved it! Since I don’t have any masking tape, I put my little santa post-it notes to make two lines. I was SO sweaty after this one! Love love love it! Can’t wait for the next week!

IMG_2861 Since Matt had told me he had a late night at work, I figured I would find things to watch on TV or on my computer. I made the BIGGEST blonde moment I have done in a while…I thought I was buying my all time favourite running movie on itunes with the second version of it. Spirit of the Marathon and Spirit of the Marathon II. Was I? nope! I bought the soundtrack. You are probably thinking “hey it can’t be that bad.” Well, I could run to that soundtrack so that I felt like I was in a dramatic movie. The music is just instrumental, intense, action music!

Spiritoffthemarathon_coverEither way, itunes customer service understood and was able to help me out! back to the movie though. Spirit of the Marathon really is amazing. If you haven’t run a marathon, you may watch this and think “crap. I gotta run a marathon.” It is ridiculous how much motivation I get from this movie. I watch it before EVERY full marathon I run. I sit there with my water in hand, CEP compression socks on, a pillow under my legs all cozy at like 7 pm. I would watch it on Youtube, since it is on there in 10 separate segments. I WILL find me physical copies of these movies..and by physical I mean a download. I don’t really like having DVDs around but I may just have to bite the bullet and buy the DVD version of these movies.

Oh..and it turned out Matt wasn’t needed at work for that late night and got home in time to hear me yell “D’OH!!” so he laughed at me alllll night. Love you too, husband.

QOTD: Do you have a favorite movie/video/or song that gets you motivated/inspired/pumped up for certain events? what is it/what are they?


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