Super simple Saturday

Oh sweet sweet Saturdays. I love Saturdays. Matt and I had a bit of a sleep in before getting up and taking our sweet time getting to most of the little errands we had to do.

First stop, Wal-mart. Had to pick up on some marathon training fuel, cleaning supplies and print a few more of our wedding photos for friends we wanted to share them with.

Next, we had a Groupon of Matt’s to redeem. Fun fact about Matt (well, and now me I guess) he has gotten us obsessed with Groupon. Majority of our dates together had been with Groupon because it was generally a good way to try things we would never do for a regular price! Matt had bought a frozen yogurt groupon to redeem two pints of fro yo. Oh baby. So we drove out to Kulture on Shelbourne and Cedar Hill X rd.

Bad blogger Jenn forgot to take a picture but we picked up salty caramel and strawberry cheese cake. The Salty caramel was what I chose and it was my favourite.

Then we went out for lunch randomly. We VERY rarely go out to eat the two of us and he knows how much I love my Vietnamese food! and with a name like that, it just felt so right!!IMG_2878

I forgot to take a picture before we devoured everything. But we got a combo that allowed for 1 appetizer of spring rolls, 1 regular size pho, 1 rice dish. So I went with the beef flank pho. Yum!

Then we went home and Matt watched his football while I prepped and got pumped for marathon training. I can’t help it! it is so gosh darn exciting!

I gave myself and at home skin treatment and pedicure. I have learned the importance of short toe nails over my years of distance running. Ouch! Then moisturized the footsies and put them in socks and got comfy watching Spirit of the Marathon. My favourite.

I start marathon this morning at 12 km and its my birthday! wee!! Off I go!


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