Beachbody Victoria Super Sunday and my Birthday!

So I betcha you are just itchin’ to find out what I did on my birthday. No? Not at all? Too bad.


6 am, my alarm clock rang and I sprang out of bed. No. Fo’ real realz (yup, I like to keep all you grammar lovin’ peeps cringing 😉 ). I was SO excited to get out on my run. I will say I was slightly nervous about the dark. I am a big ol’ baby when it comes to running in the dark alone, but I put my big girl running tights on and braved it. Started my morning with a cup of coffee, cup of water and my main squeeze when it comes to LSD run day breakfasts. Oats, mashed banana, and peanut butter. Oh baby. I missed thee.


Even with my highly reflective running jacket (this is a rip off of the Nike reflective jacket that retails for like $300 but it is pretty darn reflective) I still somehow almost got hit by a car in a well marked crosswalk. Happy Birthday to me!



THIS is exactly why I have to have coffee before I run. My reaction has to be fast because it feels like I almost always have at least one car fail to stop behind a line or a car doesn’t stop at a crosswalk and almost takes me out. As a pedestrian, I do my part to make it as easy as I can on drivers. I am extremely well lit, both back and front. I do my best to make eye contact before proceeding into a crosswalk. Sometimes I do have to yell and flap my arms to get eye contact. I find these encounters happen usually when the driver is either distracted (it drives me insane how many people STILL look at their phones while driving) or not alert (aka it is early in the morning and they are half asleep). Anyway, point of this rant? BE AWARE WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING A VEHICLE OR BIKE (I have almost had cyclists hit me as well..oh and don’t text and bike…that can be for another rant) Okay back to less ranty Jenn..



I ran 12.24 km in 1:18:34. Average pace of 6:22/km. I do practice the 10:1 method (run 10 minutes, walk one minute) and I did this on this run. I will say my pacing is rusty. I went out faster than necessary and ended up slowing my average pace considerably. It will come with time. It was sprinking rain with a few headwinds here and there. Nothing too tough. It wasn’t until the final mile or two it became slightly brighter.




After my run, Matt was awake with Happy Birthday wishes as I rushed to get presentable for my next stop, Beachbody Super Sunday! I was so excited to see everyone, and meet new folks. We listened to some extremely inspirational stories and talked about the new release to the Shakeology line! I honestly wonder if my stomach would react poorly to the regular formulated Shakeology. I am debating on trying it out when I buy another set of samples! The Vanilla and Strawberry are just too intriguing to me!




I called my Momma on my walk home and she answered singing Happy Birthday. I miss my family a lot. Really can’t wait until Matt and I can live closer to them. Later in the day, I got a wonderful phone call from my mother in law singing happy birthday to me too. I really am lucky to have such amazing mothers in my life.



I was absolutely STARVING after the event. I showered up and looked somewhat more presentable, yet comfy to go for lunch with Matt. We went to redeem another Groupon because that is how we do, yo!

Flying Beaver! Another favourite place. AH, it was SO good and hit the spot. He took me to Mayfair Mall because I wanted to redeem my birthday gift at Sephora and pick up a few things, and then we grabbed some Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (surprisingly, not on a Groupon!).





Then I relaxed for a few hours. After all that activity this morning, I was POOPED. SO tired. I may or may not have put on my owl onesie and burrowed in my bed. Yes it was comfy.



Then I got dressed up for dinner with friends at another favourite restaurant, Milestones. This was the last time I would be having alcohol in a few months! As I mentioned, I don’t drink during marathon training. Hence why I had a beer at lunch (not pictured) and boy, I felt naughty for doing that ho ho ho!!



My birthday was perfect, thanks to my amazing husband and friends. Thank you to all of YOU guys that sent me birthday wishes on my twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Love you guys!




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