Run for the hills!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I will be running the Rock’n’roll half marathon in San Francisco! I registered on Monday and BOY am I excited. So you know what that means, don’t you? Hill training. Tuesday mornings are generally my drill mornings where I do hills, tempo, fartleks etc. Yesterday I started with hill repeats. Nothing too crazy!

Total run: 8.74 km
# of hill repeats: 4


I sort of changed how I have done hill repeats in the past. Before I would put about 45 seconds on the clock and run as far up on the hill as I could. But some hills, 45 seconds isn’t enough time and I rather run right to the top. I did 2 repeats of Moss street hill (between Richardson and Rockland). 1 repeat in Pentrelew Pl. 1 repeat on Robleda Crescent. I am really bizarre, in that I really actually love doing hill work.

I forgot how it feels to work my body on a run like that. I am definitely sore because I also did…P90X 3. I also did the disk that I usually do on Thursdays. Whoops! That is okay.

IMG_3023It is funny how much I really didn’t realize I missed running until this week. Sure I missed it and I said it to you guys and on my Youtube…but I didn’t entirely grasp HOW MUCH until this week. I really did lose apart of me last year. I really enjoy training for goal races. I really enjoy getting up early, having my oatmeal, strapping on my hydration pack and leaving for a few hours. I really enjoy that accomplishment of having run 30 km on a Sunday morning and being able to veg out in my compression socks after an awesome ice bath. I really love juggling marathon training and crosstraining. When I am in training like this, I feel so empowered, strong and not to mention beautiful. This is my happy place. Okay, enough cheesiness.

IMG_3017On another note, isn’t this workout towel the best? My mom gave me it on Christmas. It makes me want to sing the song and dance about!


4 thoughts on “Run for the hills!

  1. Dear Lady, How do you cope with running on your own those long runs… I find it very difficult to power through them on my own and tend to quit.

    • That is a great question!

      When I first started marathon training, I actually used to pace with a group from a local running store. That is my biggest piece of advice for people, especially if they are newer to these distances. I never was someone to run with people but it honestly made my Sunday long runs really enjoyable. It makes time go by, you have support WITH you and you create some amazing friendships from it. Since I was new to the city it made it a great place to meet people AND get to know the area better.

      But now I will be training on my own this season, and I have in the past due to my schedule not matching with the clubs. I just try my best to make things as easy as possible on myself. I make sure I get a good amount of sleep, and have my alarm set well enough in advance that I can wake up, eat and prepare myself for the road ahead. I make sure my hydration/fuel is all laid out the night before. Clothing is ready. Garmin charged. The week before a long one I will make sure I have things on my ipod to keep me entertained. New music, podcasts, audiobooks etc.

      It definitely isn’t an easy task to do these runs alone. 3+ hours of running gets pretty lonely but it really makes me appreciate a lot of things in my life. There is something very special about being in your thoughts for that long, greeting people who you pass by and not to mention seeing that your body is capable of that kind of distance. Like I said, it definitely isn’t easy, but the hardest part really is getting out the door. On the days I really don’t want to? I just do it anyway. I know that isn’t the best advice but it is true. I bite the bullet. Get ready and get out the door.

      Hope that answered your question in some way or another :).

      • Hey Lady,

        First of all thank you for your detailed answer and the time you did put into replying to me.

        I did sign up this week to a running group in my area to start running with and to keep me accountable in order to get my runs in… I am currently training for my first half marathon.. And I am pretty scared!!

        Anywho, thanks again, and keep them blogposts coming :)..

        Big hug from The Netherlands,

      • No problemo! I am so excited for you to experience your first half!! It is scary to think about at first, but you will get such a rush from it! I was addicted to running after my first half!

        Thank you for the support and reading my blog ❤ 🙂
        Hugs from Canada 🙂

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