I actually got up fairly early yesterday, even when I planned to sleep in. Matt had the day off and we had a bunch of errands to run. But my body wanted up, so I got my work done first thing in the morning and then got my SWEAT ON. P90X3 Warrior disk and a 5 km EZ paced run.



Matt and I ran errands. I noticed Beachbody is using UPS now when shipping my Shakeology. Before it was Fed-ex. To be honest, not sure how I feel about it. Just like in the past, UPS again left a “final notice” on my door. First of all, we have a concierge and she usually signs for things like this. Second, I was home the entire day they left the notice and there was no call from the buzzer downstairs or a knock on the door. So I am not sure how I “just missed them” when I am pretty sure they didn’t notify me. I am hoping this won’t be a monthly occurrence because the UPS pick up office isn’t super close. Either way, I am SO jazzed my Shakeology is back in its rightful place in my kitchen! I haven’t had it for a week!

We grabbed some grub at a place I have always wanted to try out. I had heard many good things from it in the past. We went to Foo, on the corner of Yates and Blandshard.

Matt had buttered chicken:


I had the beef and broccoli chow mien. I love me some noodles.

IMG_3040So good! The beef was so tender. Yum!

After all our errands and the grub we went home. We took our measurements, body fat percentage and weight for our little competition we are having between the two of us. It was hard of me to see the scale, but I took  a deep breath and reminded myself it doesn’t mean anything. Then Matt went to hang out with a friend and I decided I wanted to make granola. So I through together some of the stuff I had in my kitchen. Oats, agave, coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut extract, shredded unsweetened coconut, dark chocolate, almonds. Then I called it a night.


Random Thoughts Thursday:

1. I know I have said “I miss running” in the past but really, I didn’t realize what I lost until I started training again this week. I really lot a big part of who I was. So happy to be back! I feel whole again. CHEEEEESY.

2. I am a Shakeology addict. I am sooooo happy it is back in my kitchen! I was honestly feeling off without it. That stuff seriously is amazing.

3. I have been LOVING blogging lately. It is a fun creative outlet for me.

4. I want to own almost everything from the Victoria’s Secret Sport line. Ah! so much CUTE.

5. I am loving P90X3 yoga more than I expected. Really happy this is the disk I get today. In the past, I have hated yoga since it takes a lot to slow me down. I used to like ONLY intense workouts. But now? I really cherish being able to slow down and be in my thoughts.

6. Matt and I have bought a condo and really can’t wait until it is finally finished this spring. Cannot wait to move in!

7. I am going to run an Ultra marathon one day. The only thing that turns me off from them is that I am not 100% comfortable with trail running yet and the one that is closest to me is just loop after loop of this 10 km around a lake. So unappealing to me. I can’t deal with loop races.

8. My Nespresso maker and I had a very deep connection this morning. Okay okay…not really. I used two various capsules to make an americano because I did not enjoy the limited edition holiday flavor “chocolate raspberry” and I had one of those capsules left. I know, I know! Super interesting thoughts..not really. I am just in love with my Nespresso and Vitamix. They are my children. Somehow, I feel my Mom and Dad aren’t as thrilled about being grandparents to kitchen appliances. Oh well.

9. I have a lot of fun finding motivation and inspiration pieces to put on my Facebook like page. I also REALLY love connecting with you guys there.

10. It is my mentor and good friend Lindsay”s birthday today!! Go check out her amazing website !

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